Buying from Parts Connexion

I'm based in the UK and very interested in buying valve tubes from Parts Connexion in Canada, anyone in the UK had any experience with this ? Thanks 
I am in the US but I can highly recommend them as being a class act.

Lost some parts in the mail and they promptly replaced them no questions asked.

Super responsive via e-mail.

Also the best source I know of for pure silver balanced interconnect cables for the DIYer. 

Sorry but bad experience with Parts Connexion.

Ordered a pair of XLO Reference 3 speaker cables. I received the cables with two differents versions of banana plugs. Not fakes ones but probably demo cables or cables for trade shows. They don't respond to my messages…

Bruno (from France)

I bought some HiFiTuning fuses and there were no problems other than they are slow to ship items, at least in my experience.