Budget MC cartridge for a Rega P3 &Supratek Syrah?

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I think I've decided to stick it out with both analog and my Supratek Syrah, and that means that my current AT 440ml MM cartridge just won't cut it, I need a moving coil. On my short list are, a Denon 103R, a Dynavector DV10x5, and a AT 109C. Which of these would you recommend or is there something I'm missing. I'm on a very tight budget, I'd really like to keep this under $200. Also I have no idea how to install a cartridge, but luckily I live nearby Deja Vu Audio, Vu is very cool and has done repairs for me in the past and I'm sure for a small fee they would do the setup for me. Does this sound like a sound plan? I'm all ears. For reference the rest of the system is a pair of Cary 300B Sig monos and a pair of Alon Lotus SE MKIII's. Thanks.
If the arm on your Rega can tolerate the Denon I would suggest it first and second the Dynavector. I'm going to get blasted for this but if you need a higher compliance cartridge I'd suggest a Sumiko Blue Point Special.
I know several people that are using the DL103R on Rega tonearms with the Syrah, and are very happy with it.

Rega arms really need to have a little more horizontal effective mass for the DL103R to be at its best. But it's pretty good, as is.

The Dynavector is nice too, but different.
I'm one of the ones Tom is talking about. And I am very happy with it. Do the Hi Fi Mod, it's a must.

I used the DL103 on my Rega Planar 3 as well. It is a great combination on the P3. The DL103R is even better than the basic version.

Other cartridges I tried are the Elys, which is not even close to the Denon. The Kontrapunkt A I have works well with my Michell Tecnodec setup, but sometimes I am in the mood for something more lively sounding and switch back to the DL103R.

Also I noticed a significant improvement for the DL103 on the P3 when I installed the Heavyweight.

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Another great cartridge in your price range (well, pushing it about $90) is the Audio Technica OC9MLII. This is a great MC cartridge and sounds great on a Rega. I've used both the AT OC9MLII and the Denon DL103R on my Rega P25 and its a virtual tie for really great sound. I love them both. You can find the AT for $289 here in the US and the 103R for $259 from audiocubes in Japan.

Paul Green
The Dynavector will work and sound very good. The Dynavector DV20X (high or low output models available) is materially better and a very fine cartridge but it costs over 500 (525?).
Thanks for the advice guys. It looks like it's going to be the Denon based on recommendations, availability, and price.
I agree with the above comments about adding the "Expressimo Heavyweight" counterweight, and also the HiFi tonearm mod with the Denon. These will noticeably improve the sound over the stock arm, with that cartridge particularly.
I disagree with C123666's post about the Dynavector working well with the Syrah. I also have a Supratek Syrah, and I had the Dynavector 10X4 when I got the Syrah. Though the Dyna is a great cartridge and I loved it with a previous phono pre... it is too high output for the Syrah, and doesn't sound it's best. Get the Denon - I have the regular DL103, and it sounds MUCH better with my Syrah than the Dynavector did. I'll bet the low output version of the DV 20 would be a good match too, it may or may not sound as good as the Denon.