Bright Star and Silent Running Audio Isolation

I want to add an isolation platform under my VPI Aries turntable. Looking at the Bright Star Big Rock and or Air Mass made for the Aries. I read a very positive review on the Silent Running platform and they also make a platform for the Aries(at almost 3 times the cost of the Big Rock but close to the same price as both the Big Rock and Air Mass combo) Anyone have experience with these products or recommendations? It will sit on a Billy Bags stand. Thanks.
Rec, I have used the Bright Star combos (with my TNT) and had no complaints BUT have not tried the Silent Running pieces (I am seriously going to consider them [SR] now when I get my new amps). However, although I cannot speak to a comparison first hand, I CAN tell you that all of the people I know who HAVE used the Silent Running products that Kevin makes, cannot speak highly enough of them and would not go back to other products. Have you called and talked to Kevin? He was very hepful and explained a lot to me when I did.

I have an SRA Ohio Base amp stand - spectacular. Beautifully made (and looking), it tightened up the bass in ways I've never heard before. Overall resolution improved throughout the spectrum. Kevin Tellekamp a great guy to work with; very responsive and helpful. Look into Silent Running isolation equipment.
Rec,i have had extensive exposure to the complete line of SRA products, for several year's know.I cant even think of any isolation product at any price than can come close.The integrity and ability of this product has no equal!.In this day of cheap crap! this guy "Kevin Tellekamp"is the best kepr secret in the biz of "high end."Do your system and your "faith" a favor and give this fellow a ring.
I also feel comfortable in recommending the Silent Running platforms as effective and musically beneficial devices.

On the other hand, I could not, in good conscience recommend any sandbox or bladder device as the *improvements* in sonic qualities are negated by the deliterious effects to the fundamental musical qualities of pace,note shapings, timing and flow.

Thank you all for your posts, I am going to contact Silent Running Audio tomorrow.
Couple of years ago bought Cary 805 dedicated SR OHIO stands fro my mono amps (at $500! used but not a scratch) because I couldn't pass up the price and have been VERY satisfied. I am VERY picky and can tell you that whoever made these had the same amps and listened to them on the stands at length, understood exactly what the amp was and had good ears. Only good things with the amps on the stands and at that point in my system, everything was highly synergized - meaning that putting anything in that wasn't perfect would show up immediately. Highly recommended!