Bricasti M1 SE

The Bricasti is a great dac using usb from a pc. I had the unit upgraded to add the M5 board internally. The board allows connecting my pc through ethernet to the dac using a local wireless router by way of DLNA and then ethernet to the dac. The dac then converts the ethernet through I2S directly to the chip. The upgrade was revolutionary as the sound became way more relaxed (less digital), much quieter background and better tonality. The Bricasti stomped the Total DAC which I did not expect. That dac was hi fi sounding not musical at all. I thought all was well in Denmark as they say, until I came across the advice from the Audigon dac forum. I purchased a local switch to add to the loop between the router and the dac. The router already has a switch built in and I did not see why it was necessary to add another one. I was explained that routers are noisy and therefore using this switch will cut down noise so the dac will have an easier time converting. I also added two Sbooster LPS to both the router and the switch getting rid of the crappy switching power supplies don’t you know. The stars may have aligned properly last night as I had the best sound in my room I ever had. I listened to Holly Cole Temptation on DSD and my mouth was wide open through the whole album. The sound I was getting was mind blowing. Imaging of every instrument in its own cushion of air. Holly Cole’s voice was spectacular, depth, width, air, naturalness, quietness all reached new heights. The speakers were gone the room was lit up by beautiful music. So this all makes sense to me now. See with digital you want to get rid of all that noise a pc makes and also have as low as jitter as possible. The ethernet connection allows this and the local switch adds the icing to the cake. I have not fooled with the grounding of the DC of the Sbooster yet as that will happen. I now have to re think my phono set up. I am going to have to upgrade my cartridge the Midake maybe to the Lyra Etna SL as my phono now is a little less detailed than the digital. This is how good the digital now is. The Bricasti is a bargain as far as I’m concerned. I don’t think anything can beat what I am getting right now. I’m glad that the cost is not crazy; not cheap by any means. I also never liked DSD but now they shine baby do they shine. Back to the music, later.
When you get to the grounding make sure to ground the router and the switch and if your running a long ethernet line consider inserting optical in there for further isolation.

Check out CA ( computer audiophile ) on the subject for details.
Thanks for the excellent report, Jeff.  Glad that the network switch proved to be helpful, and kudos to Fsmithjack for suggesting it in his thread on the "Bricasti M1 DAC vs PS Audio Direct Stream DAC."

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