Bookshelf recommandation for 12x23 room

Hi guys,

I have a problem. I recently moved in a new house. My listening room is in a basement (12x23). I renovated the room to have a real dedicated listenning room. I recently did a test with my actual speaker : grand veena - referrence 3a. I like those speakers, but i have problem. The ceiling is 7.10. And the GV need more 5 feets beetween the top and the ceilling and a lot of space around them. The sound test show that the GV have a not enought space to run correctly.

So i have several options that i want discuss with you.

First i buy a dspeaker dual core and i try to fix the problem but i am not sure if the dspeaker can fix the problem

Second. I change for bookshelf like raidho c1.1, or joseph Pulsar.

Last option : i go with a smaller floorstanding speaker like Wilson Sacha, raidho d3, martin logan Summit x.....

What are your suggestion.

Ps: i just order the book : get a better sound
I suggest you listen to the speakers and see how they sound, as opposed to going with some sound test. With a little work, you can probably keep the speakers you like. If you go with the sound test, I don't see you getting good sound with any speaker.