Bluetooth Digital output to Lexicon MC-1 Pre-Pro

I just purchased a Sharp Aquos 75" Smart TV (Made by Hisense) and am trying to connect it to my Lexicon pre-pro.  It does have optical digital out, but it's having trouble recognizing the Lexicon. I wanted to know if the Bluetooth output is an option.  I know I would have to buy a receiver, but don't want to do that unless I know the bluetooth output is fully Dolby Digital capabable, or it it's a special format intended only for sound bars.

Sharp Technical support and the manual are useless.

Can anyone advise?  thanks in advance.
Thanks, but my primary problem is getting audio for content that originates in the tv (smart tv). For other sources like dvd I can take digital directly from them. 

I’m still trying to debug my tv digital out, and may get it to work, but I thought Bluetooth would be a viable option. I finally got a response from sharp support and according to them the Bluetooth output supports digital 5.1. 

Thanks again.

followup . . . I found out that my optical will not work with the MC-1,  but there's an ARC(HDMI) connector which is an HDMI out, so I will get the digital extractor you suggested and try it that way . . .