Blue Circle Comparisons

I've been enchanted by the Blue Circle BC3.1 Galatea and the BC 28 hybrid amp. Looking to squelch the upgrade bug I'm exploring options for maturation in the Blue Circle product line. For single ended, it's the BC3000. Go there and stop? Then there's the balanced option which leads all the way to the AG3000. For amps, there is the AG8000 hybrid (not really an alternative right now) and the SS amps (or bi-amp with a BC28). Hmmm...

I understand the BC hybrid and SS amps sound different and the single-ended and the balanced equipment sound different. Can anyone explain how all of these differ? I might like a little more oomph than the BC3.1/BC28 combo provides. But I certainly want to stay in the BC line. I really like their sound. While you're at it you can throw in your vote for your favorite BC combo. FWIW, my CD player is balanced as well. Thanks!
If you want oomph, then the 200 watt BC26 solid state amplifier is worth a listen; used with your BC3.1

The BC26 is in the same size cabinet as the BC28 and weighs in at 85 lbs. It has both balanced and single ended connections.
Your question needs a bit of clarification. What are your chosen speakers ? musical tastes ? You say you want more "oomph" than the 3.1/28 combo provides. My suggestion would be to try the 3.1/BC26 as Sugarbrie suggests, or perhaps your 3.1 with a pair of BC8's (they've got MOJO !, yeah Baby !)
My absolute favourite pairing of BC products is the AG3000/AG8000. My own personal pairing is the AG3000 with a pair of BC8's (soon to be upgraded).
Since your digital front end does balanced, I would suggest you make the move to either the BC9, or the AG3000 (ultimate choice here), and then run balanced into either a pair of BC8's, or a single BC26. You'll not just get more "oomph", you'll get a higher overall level of performance.
Pending knowing more about your speakers, etc. that's about all I can offer.
Thanks guys! My CD player is an Electrocompaniet EMC-1 and speakers are Tannoy D500s (6 Ohm, 91 dB). Interconnects and cables are Audience Au24. Music is wide ranging: lots of bluegrass, some classical, ambiant/space, rock, R&B, jazz, other acoustic. The word that comes to my mind with the BC3/BC28 combo is "polite." Hope this helps! Thanks.