Biwiring connections through Mcintosh Mc7100

I pulled out my Mc7100 to give my Mccormack a break and am trying to biwire my Vandys 2ce. The speaker connections at the back are certainly tight to the point that it’s virtually impossible to get all the wires connected.  I have spent way too much on cables and don’t want to go around stocking additional wires. I was wondering if there are any connectors that can help mitigate this problem. Worst case scenario is to not biwire them but then there’s no point of pursuing this hobby :).......
Anyone has any ideas/suggestions before I put the amp back in storage?
So your trying to connect 2 sets of speaker cables to 1 set of 5 way binding posts on the back of your amp?

This comes down to having the right terminations on your speaker cables IE...Bare wire, Banana plugs, spade lugs. If one set was bare wire or spade you could wrap around post and tighten knob down, then the other set could plug straight in via Banana connector. Easy Pezy.
Thanks for chiming in. The challenge is that the wires have spades and the gap between posts is smaller than the width of the spades. So I can probably get away with stripping one pair of wires and terminating with banana plugs, however the other pair is still a problem...The only option is to strip off end of all wires and then connect the amp the old fashioned way (bare wire connection).
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O man I looked at the amp connections and  I was thinking of the 5 way post, but you have gold plated block connections. Adapters! lol.