Anyone know the curent status of this web store? Also looking to hear about any recent dealings with them, good or bad. 

I’ve ordered from them before, a year or so ago. It was for their least expensive, a pair of 4P1L tubes. I waited 11 or 12 days with no word after payment, so I contacted with my order number; I received shipping confirmation the next day. So obviously the order fell through the cracks.

This time I’d like a much pricier pair of DHT tubes. I emailed them at the beginning of the pandemic asking if they were shipping tubes but I got no response. I have more recently, a few weeks ago, sent another email asking if this pair of tubes is in stock or if there would be a wait...and again, no answer...

Anyone know whats up with them? Are they all ok? Are they still open? Would you move on and try to purchases elsewhere? Anywhere else to purchase all those KR tubes? 

What country are you in?  I can reach out to Eunice and find out what dealer would be best for you to work with.  Are you specifically looking for the RK limited editions or just base KR tubes?
I can order them for you.  Takes 2-3 weeks for me to get them.  I can not do them as inexpensively as can be purchased in Europe as I have some fees that I need to deal with.  I was in process of revising my pricing (largely down) and can do those for you for $1100 for the pair.  These will be matched, in a box and delivered to you.  

It seems that their website is down... any idea what happened?

Worryingly, this happened right after I placed an order for a quad of KR 45s...
Oh boy…I have no affiliation with  If you run into an issue, your CC company should refund you.  
KR is on vacation till September.  If they don’t have them in-stock, it will be a little while.  

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I put an order in 3 weeks ago via the website for a pair of KR 300B RK's and a KR 5U4G RK, and never got a confirmation for shipping.  Earlier this week I sent an email as well as Facebook message to Lampizat0r (Franciszek Fikus) who said he'd send me a UPS tracking number.  That was Tuesday.  So far, crickets.  Anyone know what's going on there?  Frank mentioned his son was very sick and that he didn't have access to any of his stuff.

I'm in the USA, if that matters.

@colsaultigh I bought the KR T-100’s from @verdantaudio but for the Richard Kron Limited tubes, I also ended up later ordering RK PX-4’s through The same happened to me regarding communications but I did hear from Frank F. after I asked on another forum. And they did indeed deliver the tubes. It took 5 months. I think some (or all?) of the RK Limited tubes might be built to order at this point or in very small batches. Or it was Covid related and now could be Russia/Ukraine related for the area. But they will deliver your tubes, it will just take a while and with little communication. I believe them to be stand up people, just not concerned about checking the inbox much. 

I bought twice from Frank at Best300B around 2 years ago and all went well. KR 5U4G RK each time. It's a wonderful tube.

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