Best tube AM/FM tuner

I am currently using a Yamaha CT610 II tuner and, while I like it for the 20 bux it cost me, I would like something a bit better and possibly a tube unit. I am thinking McIntosh since they hold their value well especially if you acquire one in nice cosmetic condition. Only problem is the only tube McTuner I can think of is the MR65.

I understand from my review of the fmtunerinfo website that Mctuners are pretty good but not "the best" by any stretch. I am willing to have the thing modified/upgraded if that is what it takes. Anybody here with extensive experience with tubed McTuner units pref the MR65??

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HK IIIX Poor Man's 10B.Orginally came with Telefunkens[Good way to gauge use].[IIIX is Stereo,III Mono].Under $500 usually.Best,NO!In top 3 or 4 of Vintage Tuners,YES.A Bargin.JD
I would leave out the FM-200 Fish or MR67 McIntosh which is like the 71 in many ways. Which one is best depends on condition and the skill of your tech.
I have a modded Fisher 100b. VTV rated it a best buy in their tuner survey. They can be found on ebay for less than $200. New oil coupling caps, hexfreds in the power supply and a good tune-up and you will have a sweet sounding tuner. Also try a good NOS 5751 in place of the 12AX7 output tube.
The best? Only the best this week. Lots of cool tube tuners each with their own character. My suggestion after owning 50-60 different tuners is to listen to as many as you can and find one that appeals toYOU. You have specific likes and dislikes in your listening. Find your groove.
Good ones to try list:

Scott mono tuners with the external MPX adapter. After a going through and alignment by a GOOD tech-Hard to believe!

Fisher 200, KM-60. Good and cheap

Scott 350 good also and cheap
I have owned HH Scott tuners, the Marantz 10B, McIntosh MR-71 and 78, and a few other older generantion tuners. While they were very good tuners the best of today, and better in some respects sonically IMO, are the Naim and Linn tuners. The Naim O1 and O2 and Linn Kremlin and Kudos can be amazing with good program material. The Linn Kudos also has a very good am section. The Naim tuners require a very good tuner to pick up distant stations. Most of the other tuners I have heard in recent years suffer from thinness and a lack of dynamics and focus.
mcintosh mr67 or 71 may be the best tube unit .but the best sounding unit is the mr77 .if you want the reciption the
mr78 is the one