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Gonna have to ditch the Soundsmith Carmen II
I had the same sibilance problem. I was not the SS Sussurro cart. (Peter's prototype).  Improvements to my electronics solved the problem. 
is th gain on my phono preamp enough for MCoil?
Lundahl makes MC transformers that are 1+1  ;; 8+8. Wired for a gain of 8 times that's a gain of 18dB for a total of 70dB or 4mV output with your Shelter cart. K&K Audio sells a kit with a case and PC board and RCA jacks for a reasonable price. 
Interconnect Length
What kind of cart. are you going to try to use? With a MM cart. the capacitance of 20' will probably kill you. With a MC I'm guessing that only a balanced connection has a chance of working out. 
Can Vinyl LP's Survive In A Room that Gets 95 Degrees?
I'd be more worried about humidity. Mold will grow on vinyl; especially if there is something like a fingerprint to help it get started growing. 
Recommedation for Phono Pre for my modest rig
If you are interested in a tube based phono pre you should consider the K&K Audio Trio. The most recent addition to the K&K stable is a budget priced kit that "errors" on side of slightly added "warmth" at the expense of less analytic deta... 
AC power supply for Nottingham Analogue
Whatever you choose to buy, in addition to speed (frequency) control look for a unit that will allow you to adjust the output voltage. IME with my Nott. Hyperspace adjusting the voltage to the minimum required to maintain speed is very audible and... 
Phoenix Engineering Falcon and Eagle
 Reducing the voltage to the motor after start-up decreases the magnitude of the pulses. On my table, that results in a lower noise floor, blacker background, improved soundstage, tighter imaging and cleaner presentation. Not subtle differences... 
Is a Step-up Transformer needed?
SUTs are 'pure' — head-amps add distortionTransformers are NOT without their own distortion. Some just prefer that to the distortions generated by active devices such as FETs. Some head-amps use batteries to solve the noise issue.Batteries will no... 
Is a Step-up Transformer needed?
Yes. You will have to set the "jumpers" for MC and to select the required load resistance. Read the owners manual.  
Zephyr won't play nice with Phenomena 2
it's my understanding that the capacitive loading mostly affects the top end. Less pf for more top end energy.You need to pick up a physics text and read up on resonance circuits. Jim Hagerman's paper on cartridge loading is also a good resource.... 
6922 Tubes!
FWIW, the Russian equivalent to the 6DJ8/6922 is the 6N23. The 6N1P has the same pinout but is not the same tube. 
Can I convert stereo to mono for a phono input
John_Tracy, that is a small difference in output for a significant difference in sweet spot. Mine is around 2 feet to the left, in my estimation. I'm curious whether most balance/volume controls provide that high resolution of an adjustment. I w... 
Can I convert stereo to mono for a phono input
A decent cartridge should have inherent channel balance within less than 2db, In my system a 0.25dB imbalance moves the center of the sound stage by about a foot. Read manufacturers specs on their cart. channel balance. Like Lew wrote, most only g... 
best phono stage to mate with a London Decca Super Gold cart?
If you are attending RMAF I believe Dennis Fraker will be using a Trio to demo with. 
best phono stage to mate with a London Decca Super Gold cart?