Best sounding portable CD player/radio....some would call it a boombox

For taking with you to have portable sound outdoors, etc.  any suggesting on 

somethiing that actually sounds good?


You don't mention budget. My wife has a Ankor Soundcore that she uses out on the patio. It sounds OK. Usually we use  the wired Paradigm speakers. You can find Soundcore on Amazon.

We've really loved these, especially the Addon3. Made in Sweden. Nice looking, reliable, flexible, and very good sounding. 


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I looked at them 10 months ago (wife wanted something simple to listen to CD's in the spare computer/bedroom) and after sorting through hundreds of reviews I came to the conclusion that most/all of them were unreliable crap.

I then pulled out my last NIB Sharp SD-EX111 and mated it with a pair of small Polk speakers.

If you could get by with CD (only) and a pair of ear buds there are NIB Radio Shack Optimus portable CD players on Ebay for around $60.

There is even a completely rebuilt and modified (per Stereophile recommendations - plus an ALPS volume pot)  CD-3400 for $350.

If this purchase is to impress U of I college girls may I suggest the addition of a nice Fedora.




Forgot about this (owned one in the early 80’s to take to the beach).

It has a stereo mini plug input on the side that a walkman type CD could be used with and an earphone jack on the top of the radio unit.

The pop out radio and the base are both individually battery powered or the whole unit can be powered by a wall wart.

Lightweight (nice design) and good for moderate SPL’s.

Sounded better (over radio) with LP/Cassette input through the mini aux in and I also used it with a Casio "memory" keyboard that I used to compose music.

I gave it to a pro musician/composer friend to use with his keyboard in a small apartment.

They come up often on Ebay.



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thanks DK....just the thing for my old K.C. and the Sunshine Band collection..

Forget about radio/CD's.

Thanks to AGon's new influencer Paul Herry I came across this.

Wonder if it sounds as good as the original?




DeKay,  Thanks for the post.  I am a lifelong fan of Mr. Astaire, one of my heros.


Here's an older (5 year old) post I made on the FA box LP set.

I can't get to it now for further ID/info.

They are all mono recordings and the SQ is first rate.


"If you ever run across box sets of Jazz vocalists by The Easton Press check them out.

They were produced in the mid 1980's and the boxes are a dull Gray/Silver.

I have Ethel Waters, Mildred Baily, Sarah Vaughan, Harry Belafonte, Lena Horne and Fred Astaire.

The Astaire box is my favorite.