Best solid state power amp for $1k

I am looking for new or used, at least 100w 8ohm per channel, no more than 200w per channel. I am using a tube pre-amp, based on the 12au7 and presently using new oskar heil speakers. My musical tastes run to jazz and classical. Let the opinions fly.
I would suggest the Aragon 8008st or 8008BB depending on whether your pre-amp has balanced outputs. The 8008 will meet your power requirements as listed above, and will drive virtually anything down to 2ohm speakers.

I had one a few years ago and was very impressed.
I'm very satisfied with a BAT VK200 matched to my tube amp, but it is around $500 over your budget. An amp I wouldn't mind having no matter the budget is the McCormack DNA1. You should be able to snag one for well under $1000. Good luck!
Here are my picks not in order

Used PS audio HCA-2 very speaker dependent
Odyssey Stratos
Older Classe or the 200
Conrad Johnson can't remember the model solid state
I chose the Stratos over the HCA-2 on my system, and love the Stratos alot. I heard the Aragon on some totems, and it also sounded very good. I'm now running the Stratos dual mono with a N.E.W 12AU7 preamp using Mullard tubes, and it sounds really nice. Warm and engaging. Lots of fun.
Might want to look into a used McCormack amp especially the DNA-1 with the mods.

Happy Listening.
klaus(odyssey) just stated shipping his new karthago amp-100 wpc, same board as the stratos.750$ new with a 20 warranty
There was alot of press years ago between the McCormack DNA 1 and the Aragon 4004MK II. Half of the reviewers at stereophile chose the McCormack the other half the Aragon. For your listening preferences of jazz and classical i think McCormack is the right amp. If you were a rocker i would say go with the Aragon. Just my 2 cents.
If you can find one, an old Tandberg 3006A (150WPC). They generally go for $300 - $400 because of their age, but they sound really sweet. I've had both the Aragon 4004 Mk II and the Tandberg hooked up to my system and the Tandberg was quite a bit more musical. It has a really warm, tube-like midrange and great punch and drive. The Aragon has a leaner midrange and a more agressive high end. I bought the Tandberg in 1986, but I wouldn't think of selling it because it sounds a lot better than it's worth (if that makes sense).
Nighthawk, my basis for recommending an aragon or a mccormack were based on the original posters equipment. He is using a tubed pre. Now what you end up with is a warm mid and a much softer high end with plenty of punch. Also if he decides to sell one of those amps the loss will be less susbstantial.
I would include the latest offerings from Quad and Marsh. You might find a Quad 909 for around $1000 or so and the Marsh 200 and 400 for a little below and above $1000. All worth listen.
Check out the Anthem amp2 SE. 200wpc tubed input. I think mine sounds very nice. They are about 1k new. msrp was around $1800.
Another plug for the Odyssey stuff as those are the only ones I have heard. Stratos used for $850 or new Khatargo $750. These amps are selling for 70% of the new price. I doubt you'd loose any money if you bought used and deceided to sell and go another route.
Llano amps. They hardly ever come up for sale, but there is one now that is a hybrid and if I didn't have a Llano already I'd snap it up.
Kool39, you saw the preamp, I saw the speakers :). The Heil tweeters have a reputation for being somewhat bright. I didn't think a bright amp would match very well with them. In that vein, I don't think Bryston or Krell would work particularly well, either.
Nighthawk, I think you hit the nail on the head with the speakers. I was focused on the pre and didnt give the speakers enough attention. Good call.
If your running a tubed pre-amp youll absolutely love an Aragon 8008BB or 8008ST(grab the 8008BB if you can find one under $1000). Incredible control with very smooth and detailed mids and smooth grainless highs. Ive heard a combo involving a tube pre with an 8008 on a pair of B&W 802's and was very impressed.
Audio Research D-200 is a wonderful amp. You can get them from $700 to $800. I own one and love it. Very powerful with lots of finess.