Best monitor speakers for Cary SLI-80

Just receiving Cary SLI-80 amp/pre-amp. Looking for best MONITOR speakers for 16' X 10' room. Looking at: B & W 805 S, Opera Callas, Tetra Rainmaker, Sonus Faber ? (your suggestions), and the Tetra 'Kid.' Thinking of using Rega Jupiter for CD playback.

I am new to this game so any suggestions and/or comments welcome. Maybe I've missed some important consideration?

I heard a pair Proac Tablette (Signature Series) at Vu's powered by a pair Push-Pull 300B mono block amps and was very impressed! You can type in Proac on Audiogon to see the line.
These monitors took care of a WIDE frequency spectrum that will surprie you due to their size!

Horns also do wonderful things with tubes!!!! Yeah, thats my choice! Klipsch are the more affordable horns, but if your pockets are deep - go Living Voice, Lowther, or Oris. I think the SLI-80 is a pentode amp so you will have plenty power; however, if you like tubes - you may end up moving on to triodes! Triodes bring you more intent and emotion of the music, but they demand efficient speakers to do that. Thats where you really start critical listening!!!! Hope this helps.

Merlin TSM's would love the Cary gear. I run TSM's with AES Six Pac mono's, great combo.

You probably have many good options with that nice amp, in addition to the ones mentioned, give Green Mountain Audio a tryout. I have their Callisto monitor with my Cary (AES) Sixpac amps. 1st order crossover, time aligned, huge soundstage with respectible bottom end and great support from just a super company. Check out this 6 moons review here:
I'm driving my Sonus Faber Electa Amator II's with my SLI-80 with great results--I haven't heard the new SF Auditors, but the Cary was great with SF Concertinos as well. Unfortunately, going to have to sell the Cary because I can't do tubes anymore (little curious hands!)--I'll miss its great headphone output also! You might also consider JM Labs Electa series for a different end of the spectrum. Good luck!