Best combination of sweetness and dynamics?

What would you recommend for a pair of speakers that are really sweet on the top end (Dynaudio-like) but easy-to-drive for excellent dynamics, weight and slam ? I listen to a lot of rock and a sucker for efficiency and a full sound at low listening levels (deepest bass not necessary). I want to able to get the full scale guitar distortion and full mid-base without sacrificing too much on the resolution and transparency. Feel free to recommend a combination of speakers and amps. Thanks in advance and happy listening.
You don`t mention budget or size limitations etc. Some proven brands for example are Coincident speakers, Horning,Devore,Sonist,Zu, Tonian Labs, Tannoy etc. these are efficient and easy to drive with low to moderate power.There are many more.
Forget efficiency and get the Dyn's. I've got Special 25's in a bedroom setting that is scary good at low volumes and can rock when i want to. It's driven by a VTL IT-85 (el34 tube based intergraded). Highly recommended.

Mostly older picks from me here;
Gotta agree with Ts0711 (no affiliation) the Dyn's (Special One) are hard to beat, and not so hard to drive-my Luxman receiver, or HK 665vxi will drive them nicely (90wpc for either amp).
Original large Advents or new large Advents have serious slam. Also Klipsch kg3 or above.Paradigm 7se. Lotsa folks really like Jbl for this application-but stick with the three-ways.
Thanks for the suggestions friends. I ended up getting DeVore Gibbon 3XLs with Naim Nait 5i. I am in heaven. The sound is incredibly dynamic, exceptionally musical with great resolution and tonality. Whether you throw Alice in Chains on that system or Patricia Barber, it sings with authority and delicacy at the same time. I am also very pleased with the resolution and detail without sounding clinical, lean or bright. It rocks!
Ticten - Congrats! The 3XLs are a superb 2-way. And they look as stunning as they sound. Which finish did you select?
Ticten - Stunning indeed! Must say that I am jealous. I would already own the 3XLs, probably in the mahogany finish, if they were just a couple of inches shorter on their beautiful stands. (I hate when esthetics interfere with my audio decisions.)

Happy Listening!