Best amplifier for Tannoy GRF Memory HE

I´ve just bought them and I want to buy pre and power amplifier. Tube or SS? Many people recomend me tube preamplifier and SS amplifier.
Anybody use Pass Aleph amplifier with this speakers type ?
I will apreciate all your suggest.
Having owned various Tannoy's, new and old, I still prefer a good solid state amp for the tightest low end. The tube amps I've tried always had rounded bass and limited dynamics, which some may prefer, but I don't.

I did manage to get myself a Tannoy GRF Memory TW after my last post 18 years ago.   I drive them with Dared DV-300B Parallel Single-Ended Triode monoblocks with vintage Lafayette KT-600 tube preamp.  I found this combination produces the best sound ever with the Tannoys.  The vintage preamp has room shape and size adjustments with loudness and presence switches.  On top of that, it also provides bass and treble adjustment switches.  This can compensate for the amount of bass without sacrificing dynamics.   I have tried a few other amps/preamps combinations and none of them come close to this combo.  The 300B SET provides refined detail which Push Pull can't touch.  The bass is not great on a typical 300B without going into expensive KR/Emission labs or other high-power dark plates 300B tubes.  I personally like the original WE 300B sound.  I think the Sophia Mesh plate came close to it around 85 to 90%.    What is special about this KT600 preamp is speed, and sweetness with extras.  Most of the modern preamps don't give you extras.  They believe a straight signal is the best.  However, it might not work in all situations as it is room dependent. 

 I also got full range drivers Philips 12" Philips AD5277M for my original DIY GRF rectangular cabinets as I found it more open sounding than the Jensen co-axials.
For the Philips at near 98db,  I use a pair of vintage Stromberg Carlson SAU-10 7027 tube single-ended tetrode integrated monoblocks.   I found that these vintage integrated amps actually matched quite well with vintage speakers.  

  I also own Rogers LS3/5A  15 Ohm.   For this particular speaker,  I really like how it sounds with vintage integrated amps like the Stromberg Carlson ASR-444 and the Sherwood S-5500 II.  I think 30w/channel matches well with LS3/5A.   I lend my ASR-444 out to a friend who bought the Spendor LS3/5A from me.  He was not able to make Ls3/5a sing at first, I then told him the secret ingredient:  the matching amp.    When he first saw the integrated amp, he thought I was just giving him some cheap alternative to try.   After all, he has a better KR 300B SET at home but just sounds boring and dead.   He also had a pair of Altec 604e and the JBL Metregon as well.   Three weeks later, he then confess that it was the best sound he ever heard with his setup.   This cheap old looking Stromberg Carlson ASR-444 really made the difference for him.  He offer to buy it but I only had one in restored condition.   
     The moral of the story is to find a good match for your speakers.  Happy Listening.