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Sugden IA-4
Really interesting read and now I feel as I move towards my final set up I should consider the Sugden IA-4 as an alternative to a Radford Revival STA25 which will feed a pair of Tannoy HPD 15s in GRF narrow cabinets ultimately but in the meantime ... 
Ortofon quintet vs. cadenza series
So would those who might know comment further @ciamara perhaps ? I have a Quintet Black S which has the nude shibata diamond tip on a sapphire cantilever by moving up to the cadenza red (maxing out my cartridge budget) which has nude fine line sty... 
Interesting thread I’m pondering the same thing myself and partly drawn to the Redford Revival STA 15 or 25 as a tube based amp wile for solid state I’m going class A with a contemporary of my speakers Tannoy Berkley from ‘76 being a Yamaha CA1000   
Tonian Labs....Still Around?
Got a couple of great cds from them   
Best amplifier for Tannoy GRF Memory HE
Great thread I m hoping for more posts  
Do speaker cables really make a difference ?
I can hear a difference between some QED silver cable from 20years ago and Wireworld eclipse 6s that I have much more detail in the wireworld   
Speakers that are good with tubes
I’d put forward tannoy Berkeley or even Tannoy GRFs   
A light-hearted essay on loving music vs the audiophilia obsession
A really intersting read thanks for posting the link and i hope you are doing well and enjoying the music 😀  
Jazz for aficionados
Going to check out EST who are new to me thanks for the post  
Warm up time for record playing
@frogman I think you've got it right, music needs to play through to "warm" everything up and 2 sides of an LP seem about right to me for getting up to proper listening speed, i have the same experience with a Musical Fidelity A5 CDP ....its like ... 
Considering getting a CD player (again). Used? New? Criteria?
Further to my intial reply ...i've now found and got a Marantz 6000 SE Ki CDP ...which i must say i'm finding best use purely as a transport with its optical out into BenchMark Dac1 HDR to act as the Dac & Pre then via XLRs onto Cyrus Mono Xs ... 
Record Care Regime can I do better ?
Thanks all for the comments so far .... it seems that i should consider investing in an RCM at some point .... be it Ultrasonic or a more affordable Project VCS type thing ...I have added a Milty Zerostat gun recently after reading about and chatt... 
What is the correct way to use the Zerostat?
After reading many threads here and elsewhere i have today taken delivery of a Milty ZeroStat brand new ...i hope it will see me out as i'm in my 50's  
Record Care Regime can I do better ?
@mijostyn  firstly thanks for your reply... I have found some brand new records (still shrink wrapped) very noisy with static and made my stylus dirty, not all only a few but it has happened too many times so i do clean everything even brand new p... 
Second hand vinyl surface damage.
@rushashe ....great tip about the popular track on an album ....i'll do my best to remember that one ..