Best $1500 DAC: Recent or Past

I am very familiar with the "old" classics like the Levinson 36 or Theta GENV. How do they stack up to the new DACS or upsampling DACS in the $1500 range, new or used? Any advice is appreciated, especially from those familiar with the characterists of the past late 90's era "A" rated DACS.
Yes the old DACs compare very well with new DACs in the same price range. It becomes a matter of choice and the type of sound you prefer. Some are warmer sounding, some are more dynamic and detailed sounding etc. But if you don;t have a bunch laying around to compare, then just enjoy better sound with the one you choose.

Happy Listening
For the same $$$, I used to prefer the older DAC's. IMHO the better built analog output stage of a $4K list price older DAC, that currently could be had used for around $1K, makes a better sonic improvement then the latest upgraded digital chip and a weaker analog stage in a new DAC that lists for $1K. I say used to, because since I've re-discovered analog, I've sold all my DAC's/jitterbugs/digital cables. I just use a cd player when I get busy or lazy to set up the vinyl.
I have always been impressed with the Bel Canto DAC 1...about $500 used...good luck