Benz Micro Glider SL or Acoustical Systems Fidelis Cartridge

I'm looking to replace my Audio Technica AT-33PTG/II cartridge and was looking at the Benz Micro Glider SL and Acoustic Systems Fidelis cartridges, does anyone have any experience with either or both of these cartridges.The cartridge would be mounted on a Jelco TK-850M MKll tonearm on an Acoustic Solid 111Metal with the optional riser stand, playing through a Parasound JC 3+ phono preamp going into a Primaluna Dialogue HP Premium integrated with KT-120 tubes going out to Legacy Focus SE speakers.
Any opinions would be greatly appriciated.I am currently using Nordost Heimdall 2 Speaker Cables and Audio Art AAC Statement e IC Cryo Interconnect Cables, and an AAC IC-3 Phono SE2 Tonearm Cable.
I had a Glider. Wonderful cartridge. There is always a balance with every component, no one can ever have it all. Inevitably something gets a little more emphasis than something else. Top end extension, bottom end, dynamics, whatever. Benz to my ear gets it just right. So you can always find something better for more money, but it will be hard to find something more pleasing, and even spending a lot more is no guarantee. 

That is why when I upgraded from the Glider it was to another Benz, the Ruby H. The last upgrade was to my current Koetsu Black Goldline. I cannot honestly say there was a distinct difference between any of these. What I mean is the Glider had everything the Koetsu has- detail, dynamics, extension, feeling, etc- just not nearly as much. This to me is a huge compliment on the Glider. 

One of the main things to watch out for in any component, cartridge or otherwise, is sins of commission. Nothing ever does it all. But if what it does is missing a little something, that is a whole lot easier to live with than if it is doing something it shouldn't. I never heard the Glider doing anything it shouldn't.

Highly recommended.
Thanks MC, I appreciate your candid straight forward answer, I haven't known many people with the Benz Glider, but you gave me an answer that I will definitely consider when I finally decide on a cartridge. 
I started out with a Glider L2, 15 years ago. It was wonderful, and I didn’t upgrade for 2 years. The current SL model will be even better. All Benz cartridges have a great sound - more leaning towards "musical, natural" than "analytical, technical". Not quite all the way to a Koetsu’s lush rich sound, but at least halfway there and with a nice vibrant energy up top (not too much though - it has nice clean treble) that is relatively attenuated on Koetsu. The Acoustical Systems looks interesting, but I think it’s going to be a LOT harder to find users with experience on that cartridge then a Glider. I didn’t even know it existed until now. I do have AS’s SMARTractor and it works great, so I’m sure they make a nice cartridge product too.
Just for the record, the Glider is a low output MC with 0,4 mV output, while the Fidelis is a high output MC, delivering 5,5 mV output according to their website. Apart from a similar price these are likely to be very different systems with different requirements.

I never heard the Fidelis, so it may be the exception to the rule, but most people seem to agree that in general low output MC's sound superior (less coil wire = less moving mass).

Based on my own experience with an older LP (pre 'S' version) I agree with the above description of the Benz sound, which is beguiling as well as forceful. The Jelco by all accounts is a fine arm that will be a good match for the Benz and the Parasound phono amp can easily handle the Glider SL's output. So this would appear to be a very good choice.

Right, the Parasound has 64dB of gain. Almost exactly the output/gain match I had with mine. The Glider with 0.4mV will be no problem.  

Should be a nice combination. Would not want to use anything the least bit technical with that phono stage. The beguiling Benz would be a much better match I would think.  
Well folks it looks like I just bought a Benz Micro Glider SL, now I just have to wait for it to arrive.I will keep you updated once I get it here.Thanks for the good reviews of this cartridge, and thanks to MC for his helpful input, I always enjoy your insight into areas that you are well versed in.