Benz micro glider cartridge loading advice needed.

Hello! I hope you are all doing well!

I just purchased a new phono pre amp.

I have an older Benz micro glider moving coil cart with 1.1 mv output.

The pre amp has gain of 45db (mm) up to 65bd (mc).

Load settings for moving coil are: 10, 22, 47, 100, 220,  470, 1k, 22k, 47k.

I know that I should listen for myself to determine the best setting. But can someone with more experience than myself give me a range within which to start based on having used gliders in their systems?


Thanks !


@wbs ​​@lewm ​​@dover 

Thank you very much for your replies. You guys gave me all of the info that I will need.

@dover You saved me, BIG TIME. I totally forgot that the SFP1 required inverting phase on MC carts (which I always found confusing). I would have driven myself crazy trying to figure out why things would have sounded a bit flat and dull. You saved me from lots of stress. 

Thank you for being so astute as to catch that.


Enjoy the weekend everyone.



In my systems, absolute phase makes no audible difference. But that’s a different discussion. 

If you have or had the low output version then 100-200 ohms might suffice, because it would have lower inductance than any HOMC cartridge. But the OP has a high output version.

@lewm  thanks for checking in again. This whole phase issue is confusing to me. You had mentioned that it didn't make any audible difference. I have to be honest that I have not had any experience with hearing it in my system while out of phase.. But I'm still shaking my head as to why Sonic Frontiers requires inverting it for mc carts, which is the preamp prior to my new one. Will have to say though: the SFP1 modified at parts conexion sounds fabulous. The only problem is if you want to change carts you have to take off the hood and do calisthenics to set loading values. Modified vintage is great, but give me dials on the front panel, please.😊

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