BDP 103D unable to view streaming sites like Youtube, Pandora, Film Fresh etc in Home Menu

Dear Friends,

I live in Dubai and I received BD103D Bluray player from my friend in China as gift, unfortunately since the player is bought in china the Home menu does not have Youtube and other streaming applications as they are not used in China. The current firmware installed in the player is 10XCN-80-1031, I tried updating the Firmware through Internet which was connected through Ethernet but failed, i also tried to update the Firmware BDP10X-83-0918B through USB but it couldn't update.

I am keen in accessing the youtube and other streaming applications. Can anyone please help me find a solution. Thanks in advance.
If you are stuck with a regional system that won't work because of that there are workarounds.  Software like ProXPN will allow you to mimic a VPN from another region?