Bananas vs Spades - for Jumpers?

I know it's well established that spades are the best when given the choice. But I'm wondering if that applies to jumpers too, when you would need to have two spades on a single speaker terminal - one spade from the speaker cable and one from the jumper?

I have Nordost Valhalla 2 jumpers with bananas on one end and spades on the other. I did this because my prior B&W 802 D2 speakers didn't tolerate two spades on one terminal all that well.  But I've since upgraded to Audiovector R6 Arrete speakers and the terminals would easily accommodate two spades on one terminal. I wouldn't bother asking this question, if it weren't for the fact that the bananas are so much looser in my Audiovector terminals than they were for my B&W's.

So I've pretty much answered my own question, I think, but I am wondering what others have chosen for jumper terminations.


I personally add silver solder to the end of the bare speaker wires while in a C shape, and "always" screw them on the posts directly for better conductivity and reliability.  Never been a fan of any plug in type connectors or spades. I don't know what material the jumpers on your speakers are made of but at that price they should be gold plated pure silver. If not, and if you are handy, you can buy silver plate (.999) in just about any dimension and gauge you want and just drill holes and screw them to the binding posts. You'll then have the most conductive metal on earth!  Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies is a great place to buy silver and you would end up with better jumpers than any I can think of.  I used to do that but the speakers I currently have are all bi amped and have no need for jumpers. 

“bananas on one end and spades on the other”

The best option for flexibility, IMO.

I like the BFA style.

@nyev - checkout the KLE Innovations Bananas

Here’s my review of them - it will tell you everything you need to know

They are designed to stack, so they are ideal for jumpers

Bananas or spades - well consider this...

  • KLEI Spades provide approximately 1 sq cm of connected surface area
  • the best spade will provide approximately 0.5 sq cm of connected surface area

Ivew ued the KLEI bananas on my speaker cables for more than 10 years and they provide exceptional connectivity and actually improves the overall sound quality of any cable they are installed on

BTW a contact that has done extensive testing of jumpers recommends making the jumper at least 50cm (20") long for best results

  • use bare 14 or 12 gauge OCC solid copper wire inside a 10 gauge teflon tube and seal the end with hot glue or a piece of heat shrink to prevent oxidation of the wire inside the tube

If you have any questions just ask

Regards - Steve


Thanks for the ideas All.  Still considering what is best for me but I’ll give these ideas some thought.  Interesting that it’s my new speaker’s terminals that are looser with bananas…. They are not falling out loose but you don’t have to apply much pressure to insert them.

Most bananas can be manually adjusted to create more surface contact.

I would use the opposite of what ever my speaker cables use for jumpers. Makes a cleaner looking connection.


@ozzy I didn’t realize that. I will look into it; thank you.

Update: hmmm, I see that they could be expanded, as they are a wraparound shape and hollow in the middle and open on the end, but to expand them evenly I’m not sure what type of tool I could use...  I do like the idea of simply tightening them up but I would want to do so "properly".