Baltimore MD

Anybody interested in starting a club or discussion grp
I am in Westminster and would also be interested. Let me know what you want to do.
I've really wanted to this for the last couple of years, but I seem to have less time these days. And, now with the school year starting and the after school activities......Sheesh, its overwhelming! I still love to try. Keep me in mind. I'm in Baltmore County, Pikesville area. Could get together every few weekends or so, bring different equipment over to hear, have a few munchies, could be a good time.
I do not know, never tried this before. Maybe try to meet somewhere for discussion on what everybody wants out of a club. Some nuetral place after work one evening. Resturant maybe for dinner?
I've had several informal "listening" parties w/ friends. Everyone brings a recording or two that is notable for one reason or another and introduces it to the group...a great way to sample new music or new formats. Discussion has always touched upon gear and sometimes a component or two shows up (e.g. headphone amp, headphones, ICs, etc.)...just a thought.
Well, I have a friend who lives in St. Louis that started an audio club out there. I think they call it the Gateway Audio Society. They have a dedicated discussion forum on Audio Circles. Here's the link:
There's maybe 7 or 8 regular members and probably a few other less frequent participants. They generally meet whenever a few of them have time and someone is willing to host at their home. When they started they were meeting every other weekend (at least that's the impression I got from my friend's emails), but now I don't think they meet that often. They go over the host's house, bring some equipment of interest, have a few beers, some munchies, listen to various components that the members have brought and talk about, well, audio stuff. Later, they will post remarks and pictures of the meetings on Audio Circle. Just one example of how a club can work. I'm sure there are bigger clubs and smaller clubs with different variations of goals and how they meet. Personally, I like the way the Gateway Audio Society does it as I am most interested in hearing different components and equipment. Any other thoughts?
Great idea. This is what I've been waiting for. I live in Baltimore city. I could have some people over to my place for beer and snacks to get things started (I'll have to check my schedule and see when I could do this). Or, as mentioned previously, we can meet for dinner.

Send me an e-mail if you're interested.

I actually like the idea of dinner to get to know each other and figure out what we might like to do. From the posts so far, Reisterstown might be a good location for a dinner meeting. If you go to you will find a lot of posts reporting on meetings at someone's home and on the equipment used. I think comparing components and listening to new music would be interesting. It will take a few meetings to get to know each others interests and figuring out where to take this. It might be best to start off informally. Let's try for a meeting soon while there is some momentum.
Why don't you name a place to meet and throw in a few dates to choose from and we can see which date works best, how many of us can attend, how long we can meet, etc. As I previously mentioned, with summers end, school starting, after school activities and a busy work schedule, my availability is limited, but I am interested in trying to see if this can work. I don't mean to sound like a whinner with the "limited time and availabiltiy" factor; I just want to be up front or straightforward about my availability. By the way, if anyone is interested, I am selling my Rogue Audio M-120 Magnum tube amps for local pickup. I've posted an ad here on augiogon, but so far no takers (well, I came close, but the spouse factor got in the way of the buyer).
OK! How about the week after Labor Day, sat Thursday 9/8 or Friday 9/9?

Is Reisterstown a good mid-point for everyone? I could make some suggestions then. Or should we meet in Baltimore? I'd be happy to come down, but someone else needs to suggest restaurants then.
Reisterstown is fine for me. I'm somewhat in between Reisterstown and Baltimore so either is fine, but I'll vote for Reisterstown since that was the first pick . I'll have to check my work schedule tomorrow before I can confirm the dates; however, I don't see why I shouldn't be able to make time for at least an appetizer or dessert if I couldn't make it for the whole dinner. Anyway, I'll check in with you guys when I have more info tomorrow (unless a different plan for meeting arises).
I think that WHERE we meet is less important than that we DO meet. Reisterstown is fine. Since I don't know any restaurants in Reisterstown (I live in Baltimore), does anyone know of a place there where several people could get together and chat? Once we have a place, we'll have to come up with a time (probably more difficult).

Here is what I propose we answer when we meet:

1) Meetings (at least for the first couple). I'll volunteer to host one.
2) Local audio shops and manufacturers (I think Jolida is in Maryland, and BAT is in Delaware) that we could visit or have rep come visit us.
3) Other musical outings we might go to (orchestra, chamber concerts, concerts at Pier 6 pavillion, etc).

I would assume that meetings would generally entail getting together, having a good time (beer sometimes helps this), learning about different types of music available, listening to different people's rigs, and swapping components to see the changes.

I would recommend that we try to get together every month or two.

Here are a number of restaurant recommendations:

Bombay (excellent Indian restanrant on Reisterstown Rd (aka 140)

Harryman House 340 Main St R'town (excellent food but can be pricey)

Full Moon Pub & Grill 1100 Westminster Pike (regular sports bar on 140 a little North of R'town)

Canopy Steak House 607 Main St R'town (this one is out of the phone book)

Mari Luna 102 R'town Rd, Pikesville (Mexican, again out of the phone book)

How about Thurs, Sep 8 or Fri, Sep 9 at 7:30 pm?

Yes, monthly or bimonthly meetings would be good and visiting dealers/manufacturers would also be great.
In addition to the ones mentioned, we could also try to visit Stealth Audio cables, Deja Vu Audio, Sophia Electronics, or Mapleshade records. They're all in the proximity.
Sounds great. Its pretty much how other clubs work and how I would envision such a club here. The frist meeting will probably be the hardest to arrange since we don't know who each of us are yet, how many of us are seriously interested in making this happen and our line of communication is a bit hampered by only posting through Audiogon. I suppose when we get each other's personal email addresses it may be easier to communicate or we could possibly create a dedicated forum like my friend's club does on Audio Circle (as I mentioned in an earlier post about the Gateway Audio Society on the Audio Circle website). Anyway, I don't know Reisterstown all that well, but there used to be a Don Pablos in Owings Mills, close to the Owings Mills Mall. I think its still there. It would be a good place to have a beer and some nachos, meet and discuss everyone's vision. Those of us that attend can choose between just some light nachos or dinner so no one is scared off by a big commitment for a whole hour and half or two hour dinner in the event they should feel uncomfortable with meeting new people or even making a commitment to a club and just want to feel things out (hope I'm making sense here). Anyway, this is only a suggestion; I'm open to other ideas and places to meet. It would also be helpful for everyone to post in some type of a response so we can see how many of us are still interested. It appears to me that 5 of us were initially interested, but there's only 3 of us continuing this dialogue. In any event, these are just thoughts and suggestions. I'm not trying to be a dictator; just trying to keep the momentum moving.
Hey Drv. Just wanted you to know I wrote my post before yours was available on audiogon to read. All of your suggestions are good ones. Although I like the Harryman House, I think its too expensive for a first meeting. Mari Luna is nice very little family owned resturant--way better Mexican food than Don Pablos. I'm agreeable to whatever everyone chooses. I just think we should keep it on the light side so others will feel comfortable. At the moment, either date looks fine for me.
I live in northeast side of Baltimore but Reistertown is ok for me Thursday Sept 8 is ok for me also. Some one pick a place and I will be there
Sept 8 is OK w/ me. I'd vote for a pub/bar atmosphere but am game for almost anything.
you guys are making me wish I was back in my hometown...Westminster, where the disease first took hold....have fun & cheers fellas
I can also do Thursday Sep 8 (but not the 9th). I'm leaning towards Mari Luna from people's descriptions. Any objections?

It looks like Thursday, Sept. 8 is a go! Would 7:30 work for everyone? After Hartwerger's ringing endorsement for Mari Luna, I suggest to meet there unless someone is opposed to Mexican. Do we have an audio date??
Oops. Something that didn't occur to me earlier today is that Mari Luna doesn't have a liquor license, but you can you bring your beer and wine. If that's problem, we can change the place. At least we know the date and time is good for most of us. Sorry that I forgot about that aspect (though I suppose its a good thing that I'm not thinking about alcohol first thing in the morning).
I think it's OK that Mari Luna doesn't serve alcohol. That shouldn't be our top priority on our organizational meeting. There will be plenty of opportunity for beer and wine at subsequent meetings.

Besides, I've been wanting Mexican for a while now. (Although, as a San Diego native, I still haven't had east coast Mexican food that quite does it for me.)

Command decision: Next Thursday, Sept 8th @ 7:30pm at Mari Luna it is unless anyone has a severe objection.

I'll make reservations for 7:30 under "audio" and will bring some beer. Look forward to seeing you all there!
ok i am in for Next Thursday, Sept 8th @ 7:30pm at Mari Luna I am not familier with the neighborhood can some one post an address so i can mapquest it
I am an african american who has been interested in hi-fidelity and stereo for some years now. Prior to going to Germany in 1982 we attempted to get a club started in the Washington DC area, but never got off the ground. I would certainly be interested in this venture, but would not be able to make the Sept 8 meeting because I am going out of town on Sept 9th. I live in the Randallstown area of Baltimore Maryland and not all that familiar with Reisterstown but look forward to the club getting off the ground.
Well, I just called Mari Luna's and they do not take reservations. I think it is important that we are assured a table at our first meeting. I went ahead, as per Hartwerger's other suggestion and since Mexican seems acceptable and made reservations for Thursday, Sept. 8 at 7:30 pm under "Audio" at Don Pablos instead.

Here are directions from 795:

Take exit 4, Owings Mills Blvd.
Take Owings Mills Blvd South toward Town Center/Randallstown
Turn slight left to take ramp toward Red Run Blvd/Lakeside Blvd and turn left onto Red Run Blvd
Take 1st right onto Restaurant Blvd

The address is 1 Restaurant Blvd and the phone number is 410-902-0300

I hope this works for everyone and look forward to meeting you all.

We'll keep those who can't make the meeting posted!!
Hi...unfortunately, I will not be able to attend tonight. Please keep me in the loop. Have fun!
Just an update for all those who couldn't make it -- we had a nice meeting last night. Four folks showed up and it looks like we may get this thing off the ground. We are tentatively planning to meet at my place on Sunday, Sept. 25, details tbd. Please email me directly for more info.
I had all intensions to attend but ended up working late. I work for Baltimore Housing and I am part of the team that is making plans to deal with the Katrina Victums arriving from the south
Any further activity in the Baltimore area? I'd be interested in getting together with agoners in the area as I get back on the merry go round!!

Hi Mike,

It's been nearly a year since our initial (and only) meeting. I'd say we're way overdue for another one.

I'll volunteer to host one sometime in the near future. (I live in Baltimore city.) My availability is generally best on weekends.

Any date preferences for the next month or so?

I'm interested, but my time is fairly limited. I wanted to get involved the last go-round, but other obligations prevented me. My time is still pretty limited, but my interest is still alive. If people are still meeting and getting together for listening sessions and audio talk, I'm game. My attendance may be irregular, but I'm willing to give a shot if others are. Hope there is still some activity with the club. Kartracer, if no one else replies, feel free to send me a private email if you just want to make some contact with another obsessive compulsive audiophile. Thanks.
Ditto what Hartweger said; I'm very interested as well. I'm in the Catonsville area.
OK, how about meeting at my house in Baltimore (Highlandtown) on the afternoon of either Sunday October 1 or Saturday Sept 23? Votes for either date?

I live in Hamilton and would like to see if we can get this going. I am available either Sunday.
Regrettably, neither of those days are good for me as I am expecting my wife's relatives in from out of town on both occassions. But, please don't let that stop the group from meeting. I'd rather see everyone get started and I'll catch up at the next meeting. Believe me, I'd much rather be hanging out and discussing audio than with my wife's relatives, but that would not be a good choice for my long term "health", if you get my drift. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Just let me know what happens. And, feel free to send private emails through Audiogon if you don't want to post further information. Thanks again.
Just a reminder, I'm having a meeting at my place in Baltimore on Sunday around 3pm. Send me an e-mail if you need my address or directions.

I look forward to meeting additional Baltimore area audiophiles!

So, did you guys get together? If so, what did you listen to/talk about? I should be available this weekend if we want to try again. Unfortunately my personal budget just got a big hit, so my upgrade path is going to be a l-o-n-g one. :(

Just me at Micheal's house, drank some wine talked and listened for almost four hours.
We are going to meet at my house next month. I live in the Hamilton area
Paul is a great guy and I had a very good time with him. He introduced me to some of his music. I look forward to going to his place next month. Hopefully more people will be able to make it then, too.

Hi Guys. Any more talk of a November get together? I am about to pull the trigger on a McCormack DNA-225 (used) and a Bel Canto Pre2P (new from Underwood Wally.) If these are bad moves, TELL ME NOW! (jes' kiddin) ;)

I had volunteered to have the next meeting at my house in November, but I just got very busy and I think I am going to have to put it off until after January 01. sorry
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Hello Baltimore Audiophile
so far we, Michael and I have met once at his house. I was goingto have the next meetingat my house in November but I had to put it off until after the holidays. so we will try again in January.
There was one other that seemed interested but did not show up.
so be sure to tag this thread to be an e-mail notice and we will see what happens in January
Happy Holidaze Bawlmore! Can we start thinking about a get together? Fortunately in the last two months, I have upgraded to the point I'm not embarrassed to host a meeting. My system now consists of a Music Hall CD25.2 with Underwood Level 1+ mods (bought new) and the following stock pieces picked up used from Agon: Bel Canto Pre2P, McCormack DNA-225, Von Schweikert VR 4jrs (properly loaded with 50lbs of lead shot in each.) Also have an old Technics TT with an unknown cartridge, but it doesn't sound too bad. Oh yeah, for Christmas, Santa (yours truly) also brought Signal cable power cords for cdp, pre and power amps and Silver Resolution interconnects between cdp and pre; and pre and power amps. And two dedicated 20 amp circuits to go with one almost dedicated one. All are wearing Porter Ports.

Unfortunately, speaker cable is still 20-year old Monster cable multistrand copper, so that is the next upgrade. Maybe someone (Bob, how about your Satori's!) will bring a pair over for some comparisons. Also, since I sort of integrated the 2-channel system with my home theater, the run from the amp to my left speaker is about 18 feet. I can pull the components out of their cabinets for some cable swapping.

So, once the holiday hussle and bustle is over, who's game?

Merry/Happy to all the B'Morian's.

Be happy to offer the Acoustic Zen Satori Shotguns for evaluation, just a reminder, they're 6 footers.

But what you really want to hear is my Supratek Preamp, once those monstorous cables are replaced. Sweet tube joy with a great bottom end.
Rather than sit here and cry about the Raven's loss, I figured I'd do something productive and propose that we meet sometime in the next couple of months.

Paul and MikeB have already proposed hosting a meeting.

Does anyone have any suggestions of dates that would work well?