Background Voice On Bridge Of Sighs ?

I cracked out some of my classic rock to see how far I've gotten with good sound !!
The remastered CD isn't too bad for an original 74 recording, maybe an LP would sound better yet.
At 3:55 into the title track (2) you'll hear the voice come into the mix, it continues on, can you make out *anything* he says ?
I never payed much attention till my current rig + all the tuning brought it into stark contrast.
Seemed like a nice test for a quiet system with good separation and image placement.
I have a UK pressed copy on green Chrysalis label, I think original pressing, mint condit., paid alot for it, took a long time to find one, definitely better sound than my old U.S. pressing.
I think I remember hearing what you're talking about, I'll have to dig it out and give it a spin.
Other trower favorites of mine are: Live version of Daydream, For Earth Below, Title cuts of In City Dreams, and Caravan to Midnight.
What is Robin doing these days I wonder?
What is Robin doing now? Good question. Here's some answers I would LOVE to hear:

- duet album with Jeff Beck
- live "reunion-like" tour
- Robin Trower and (insert favorite blues guitarist here)

Now that I'm older I regret not seeing some of my favorite musicians live when I was younger (i.e. saw CSN last year for the first time).

Yes, I know exactly what the voice is saying "Pat get off Agon and get a life!" I can hear it plain as day in my AC treated system with all my components dampened! I even hear the same voice on my Back Street Boys unmastered greatest hits collection too! You need to upgrade your components to hear what he is saying, now if you had a RS system like mine, non dual mono version, carefully cryo'd for 5-6 months last winter in my garage with Home Depot speaker wire run with all grey cheater plugs in a non dedicated room with a big blue couch serving as the room treatment along with a little white doggie, you'd be able to hear it too.

Happy Listening.
Yeah, yeah, how bout some answers to my thread now !!
BTW, Trower and Beck would be a sell-out, no doubt !!
Xiekitchen, let me know what you hear !!
Played the cut today, I hear the voice coming mostly on the left speaker a little after the "wind" starts, you can hear that the voice is there very plainly, but I cannot make out what the bloke is saying.
They are still touring...I saw Jeff Beck in 1999 in Concord, CA and Trower in 2001 in San Francisco. Simply excellent!