Avalon Isis

Anyone heard about this top class speaker?
Thank you
Yes. I think it has a 7" ceramin mid-lowermid driver, two woofers, one ceramic tweeter, probably the 1.25" model from the mixing monitors. No built in amp. It is positioned between the Sentinal and the Eidolon.
Hi Alpha,

I heard it had a diamond tweeter. I'm sure we will get the details soon. They were in one of the rooms at RMAF.

Hi,It is 60 in tall,14 1/2 in wide,17 in deep with a bigger black diamond tweeter than the Diamond and a bigger ceramic midrange.Also it has 2 12in woofers.It will retail for 58k.
I forgot to mention the speaker terminals are on the back not on the bottom and the efficency will be 90 db @ 1 meter.
Yes, they premiered at the RMAF this weekend.

I was very impressed with them. They were in a large room (20x40?) about mid-room with a lot of room taming and about $250k in supporting electronics (primarily Boulder). Ultimate Audio did the setup and used both CD and LP. I was VERY impressed with the sound. Although Avalon speakers have never wowed me like some others, the Isis were totally involving.
i heard it at RMAF this past weekend. if you like the Avalon/Boulder sound, you will love this speaker. it did improve from Friday to Sunday.....it was a little more natural and less 'clinical' on Sunday.

the room was huge and the speakers were brand new. in a more intimate room and broken-in it could be very involving.

i thought it needed 'big tubes' to bring out some tonal color....it sounded somewhat washed out.....but that is a characteristic of the Avalon/Boulder sound (from my perspective).

my friend captured our perspective perfectly.....he said; "it's like making love to a beautiful woman while she is reading the paper".

i have heard both Avalon speakers and Boulder amps sound very good......but together they can be 'hifi'.
'hifi' is when the elements of the musical presentation are all there but the 'soul' or 'nuance' or 'sparkle' or 'whatever' is missing.

it is not the same as an 'edge'....but it can be related to the tonal character or lack thereof.

does what i am hearing transport me someplace?

does it pull me in?

i can enjoy a 'hifi' sound but over time it is less satisfying. this can be quite a personal issue.....one person's 'hifi' may be another's 'music'.

getting back to the Avalon/Boulder.....it reminds me of my Levinson/Wilson Watt Puppy days. great sound, i loved it.....but i moved on. i do think Avalon, Boulder, Wilson and Levinson can be 'musical' and not 'hifi'....but it takes great care to get there.

sorry, i did not want to hijack this thread.
No, No, that is ok. Personally I like the very edgy sound that my Avalon Radians with total Spectral front end can give when the music is recorded that way. I have yet to find something as totally involving with my chamber music as this setup. From Schubert to Brahms to Schnittke. It can be very refined with the Emerson's Schubert but with a tinge of hardness that the Emersons can add to the finesse of the music. The violin of Gidon Kremer is very strident and dissonant on CD with this setup in particular the Schnittke 2nd Violin Sonata, just like his live performance. I have an ARC setup but it was too syrupy and not very convincing. I can handle about two hours of live Kremer, before I need a break, about the same for my stereo setup with edgy music. What I find most interesting is how well the setup is for mono music. Albert Porter and I are the only ones on this site that like Hank Williams, Sr. All of his recordings are of course in mono since the recordings are from 1947-1952, just before the true stereo era started. Yet this system plays that mellow swing with convincing air that you can listen for hours and hours. BTW, I heard both the Wilson MAXX2 and Alexandra X-2, both were very very good with Spectral electronics at Overture, but I will stick with my setup.
I stopped in to listen to the Isis 3 times during the show. I think they're absolutely gorgeous, and I really wanted to like them. However, the sound with the Boulder equipment left me cold. I found myself analyzing the sound, not enjoying the music. I think they do have potential, but I'd really like to hear them with electronics I like, preferably Lamm hybrids.

BTW, the room was 29x55, according to one of the Avalon guys I talked to.
If I remember correctly, I believe the piece of product literature I looked at in the Isis demonstration room at RMAF specified efficiency as 87dB. The vocal I heard had excessive sibilance, but this may have been the recording. Would like to have heard them with big tube amps.