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Spectral audio today
Been a long time Spectral user. I had the 2C3D Avalon/Spectral/MIT system.  I think my 2003 review is still on Audiogon. I sold it many moons ago. I have had over the years many Spectral products.  Loved them all.  Funny thing...the Hong Kong audi... 
Best Electrostatic loudspeaker?
First post in maybe 10 years.....Avalon Radian 2C3D with all Spectral/MIT setup long gone......But my ex-wife graciously gave back after 15 years my original Acoustat 2+2 speakers with my original Spectral DMC-10 and DMA-50. Running a old Rega Sat... 
Garage Band Hangover
Oh the Leslie rotators.....forgot about them. Alot of churches used the B3. And when the churches moved to solid state a ton of them went on sale. Cheap. That is how the Mod 5 got theirs.Martykl: the Werps......loved the trumpet versionNewest cool... 
Garage Band Hangover
Speaking of Texas, Dallas must have been a fun place tohave rock'd out in the 60s......for me and my Garage Band Pantheon Top 50:1. Satan's Chyldren 2. The Gentlemen [both versions]3. The Chessmen [ my newest Top 5 song]Anyone hail from Dallas in ... 
Dream Syndicate
Loved the concert! Fabulous guitar work. Maybe 200 of us there. Nice encore of John Coltrane Stereo Blues. Hoping for their best song: Boston. He said "next time". Rough Trade is a an interesting place. Largest collection of new vinyl I have seen ... 
Tidal Agoria vs The Keggs
As an aside, I have the complete V-Jay collection of the Beatles in absolute pristine condition. What I sell it.....Yes. I have the "Let it Bleed" album, never been played signed by Keith and YES I would sell it. The Keggs..... no. 
Jazz In A Woody Allen Movie: "Fading Gigolo"
Mitch are you a New Yorker? I mean are you a Manhattaniteor Brooklynite? 
Jazz In A Woody Allen Movie: "Fading Gigolo"
No. It was not a Woody Allen movie. No it was not shoot inManhattan but Brooklyn. And if you are not a Jew from NYC,you do not have a clue between the Upper East or West Side,and Williamsburg or Ocean Parkway. Woody is from Brooklyn and that is br... 
Tidal Agoria vs The Keggs
No. Why would I? I have offers and I say no. And it is not that I am rich.....anything is too important an artifact of history to sell. 
Dream Syndicate
I forgot they also opened for REM as well 
Dream Syndicate
I do not understand Paisley Underground. There last album in 1989 was nothing and I mean nothing Paisley about them. I am in the group of fans that thought they were the last gasp of 1960s garage bands. With guitars as weapons of mass destruction.... 
Capitol Audio Fest Speakers?
Make me 3 or 4 for Tidal Audio Agoria speakers "not floating my boat". The Jazzy stuff was fairly impressive. But once Doug put on Classical [Symphonic]!.....did the soundstage collapse, imaging went to god knows was not pretty... 
Italian speakers:Sonus Faber,Chario,Diapason,Opera
Very HiEnd Italian speakers:1.EMME2.Eventus3.Albedo4.Nime5.Rosso Fiorentino [ getting a lot of buzz]I have heard the EMME Beta and the Eventus Metis in Milan. Both fabulous speakers. I am sure Rosso Fiorentino is now being imported into the USA. W... 
The End Of Big Iron?
Maybe in the USA. AnalogDomain still offers their Apollo amp at 4000 watts 8 ohms and 8000 watts 4 ohms. 
Tidal Speakers owners
Does Tidal still make the Piano and Little Piano? Both with non-Accuton drivers. Many thanks!