Audion U.K. Power Amps - feedback and experience with their amplifiers?

I didn’t find much information (there is some, though dated) when I searched the discussionForum.

Therefore, the New Discussion.

Looking for feedback from owners and those who have had ears on Audion amps?

Here is the new website (under development):

and the original/older website:

@keithr  Thanks. I read 213cobra's posts across a number of threads when I was researching Audion back in June and then again a few days ago.

I also spoke with True Audiophile recently regarding both the Golden Dreams (300B) and the Black Shadows (845).

Audion remains on my list as I work through finalizing on an amp. 
@jkeitel  Thanks so much for sharing your system, listening preferences, and impressions of your Audion KT120 SE. 

It's great to hear you are loving your system. : )

I am still in awe of the sound every time I listen to a recording (mostly vinyl)

Reach out to @213cobra who has loads of experience with them and FRD speakers
Thank you! Sorry for the late response. Work project kept me away. 
I am a big live jazz fan: Bill Evans, Jim Hall, Miles, but I also listen to classic rock and orchestral music as well. 
The amp really brought a more open and forward live presence to my listening experience. Very detailed, but somewhat relaxed feel, yet still very quick though even with Jimi Hendrix. No fatigue. I have heard quite a few systems and set ups and I am still in awe of the sound every time I listen to a recording (mostly vinyl) Hope this helps a bit.
Here is a list of my setup: 

GXT4-1500RT120 In Line Double DC Conversion Battery Back Up

Furman 15i Power Conditioner

Rega Planar 8 + Ania Cartridge

Rega Aria Phono Stage

Apple Mac Mini 2TB with Roon + Tidal Hi-Fi

Audiolab 6000 CDT

Cambridge Audio DAC Magic Plus + iFi USB Filter

Woo Audio WA-6 SET(2nd Gen) Westinghouse 6DE7 pair + Takatsuki 275B rectifier 

Sennheiser HD650 Headphones + upgraded Cardas Cable

Audion KT120 SE - Tung Sol KT120 pair + Russian 6N23P pair

JBL 4530 Custom 3-way (JBL 15” Woofer, 6” Mid and Horn Loaded Tweeter) Cabinets

Custom RCA Inter-connections and internal speaker wiring is solid copper silver wire - RCA connectors are KLE copper harmony


@jkeitel  Thank you for your post!!!

Can you share more about how your Sterling KT120s affect sound quality and performance? Also, your system for reference purposes.

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