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dac recommendations for turntable listener?
Definitely audition the Merason DAC 1  I haven’t listened to the MKII, but I love the MKI :)    
Do you belong more to souce first or to speakers first school of thought ?
I’ve followed the path of source first. Better pressings/recordings.. And even with my first turntable, the first upgrade was the cartridge. Then often the speakers, then amplifiers, room treatments and then back to turntable again.  
Bad news for home theater enthusiasts
@nonoise Sorry to hear the WB merger cost your sister her job. Sadly it’s not about art or people or quality, just money..  
Bad news for home theater enthusiasts
Also: studios don’t like paying residuals to actors, directors or union health funds either, streaming helps them out with that.  
Integrated SET...
I misspoke - the A20i is push/pull..  
Integrated SET...
I love the Audio Hungary Qualiton A20i $5500 and the Audion KT120 $5346 both superb - although with limited inputs :)  
Speakers that are good with tubes
+1 for the DeVore O/96   
CD Transport Question
+1 for the 6000 CDT and upgraded power cord  
CDP or Transport and DAC? Recomendations?
With that budget in mind my solve would be to use the Apollo as a transport and spend the money on a DAC. I finally landed on the Merason DAC 1        
Products you added to your system in 2021 that made most impact to your music enjoyment
Linear Power Supply for Planar 8 Ania to Apheta 3 for Planar 8 Cambridge Audio DAC Magic Plus to Merason DAC 1 Vintage Custom JBL 3 Way 4520/4530/C36 Hybrid to DeVore O/96   
Japanese Audio
I’ve been using them as well.The model is the TA-S01 - If recall correctly they said it was 4 watts(?)https://www.takatsuki-denki.co.jp/en/products/300b-amp.htmlNever experienced anything quite like it. 
Japanese Audio
I would add Takatsuki to this list. Vacuum tubes and amplifiers.Had the opportunity to listen to their new amplifier in the listening room at the factory in Kyoto. Can’t describe how amazing it was. 
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Recently discovered the recordings of Ryo Fukui and picked up a “Ryo Fukui in New York” newly issued vinyl. Beautiful. 
Just recieved my new Rega Planar 8
incognito, I’ve been looking for a replacement. I haven’t found one that I like yet. The original mat is a weak link. Any ideas? Very nice upgrades, congrats! Thinking about upgrading the cart next.  
Just recieved my new Rega Planar 8
Couldn’t agree more - great combination imhoRega Planar 8 + Ania CartridgeRega Aria Phono Stageupgraded from my dad’s 1960’s Empire TT with Denon DL-110 which I overhauled