When I was getting seriously interested in audio in 1977, a recording engineer friend who knew I had an academic background, handed me a book and told me to read it and come back with questions. It was a massive 1800 page book compiled as a collection of questions and answers about every facet of audio. It’s focused on audio production but covers everything imaginable from electronic, mechanical, and acoustic information. The technical level ranges from high school to Ph.D in EE. Published in 1969, some is technically obsolete but still fascinating as history while much is timeless and still relevant  

Anyway, I found a free .pdf of it and would be happy to provide it to anyone interested either in a forum post, if allowed, or PM. 





You can post a link to it here that's fine I'd be curious to check it out.

That's a great way to describe Audiocyclopedia  "the bible" of all things audio.  It's an invaluable reference, 1750 pages, if you want to know everything about anything audio. You can learn the basics or go into a subject as deep as you want. 

My 7th printing 1978 edition is pre-digital which will be a disappointment to some.

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