audio refinement pre 2 dsp

Anybody have any direct experience with this new Audio Refinement AV/Preamp called the Pre2 DSP? Price is attractive although it does not have the dolby pro logic can be had through upgrade at some point in the future according to the company propoganda. For a new product from a company such as this it appears attractive when compared to the Outlaw 950 (yes, substantially cheaper but it is not from YBA/Audio Refinement).

I've been able to find nothing on this product other that store ads.
I bought one here for a friend who used it briefly and compared it with the Pre 5, which if you ask me is a KILLER 2 channel pre for the money. My friend said the Pre 2 did "the holographic thing" slightly better, but he thought the Pre 2 dsp was actually a little cleaner sounding for vocals. He returned it due to a ground loop problem which looks like it had to do with the digital out on his DVD player, not the AR. My experience with digital pre/pros in the sub $2K price range has not been good, on the whole, but my experience with AR stuff has been that it's bulletproof and sounds awesome considering the modest investment. If you have an opportunity to buy one with a warranty, I say go for it. Email me privately if you want more info.
Well, I sold my pre2 to Jfacker. Very good surround decoding and excellent autodetection for DD/DTS (no audio dropouts). A very simple no frills pre with great sound. If you need bells and whistles (Variable crossover frequency below 80Hz, DD6.1) then look elswhere. If you are looking for great DD5.1/DTS and exceptionaly good 2 channel bypass then definately look at this unit. I have moved to a dedicated 2 ch. pre and seperate processor (Pass X1/ Meridian 565) and that was the reason for moving away from the Pre2DSP. If you are banking on manufacturer upgrades, I would pass. It may happen, but if it does not or is at a price you do not like you will be out of luck.
We purchased an Audio Refinement Pre2DSP and will acquire the upgrade card (supposedly due April next) to add DPLII. We tried out the Arcam DIVA AV200 receiver; nice but there were a couple of things we did not like so it went back. That, by the way if it is reliable, is a pretty good value in a 5.1 receiver; good two channel sound and common formats. Down side is format selection for digital sources is non overrideable; you cannot override dolby digital to listen to same source in stereo for example.

Next up is an amplifier. Thinking a five channel; proceed, pass, krell, classe are candidates. Another hunt.
I just purchased a Pre-2 DSP and hooked it up on Saturday. While not completely broken in (co.says 30 hours) it did lower the noise floor coming out of my 5.1 outputs - much quieter, especially with the center channel. I always did suspect my older pre had lousy 5.1 input/outputs and this confirmed that. The music also was very natural with a lot more detail in some frequencies but a little congested in some of the upper ranges - I suspect (and am hopeful) that this will open up after the required number of burn-in hours. I have not had the chance to test the DD or DTS of the unit because my coaxial output from the DVD player (Sony DVP-999ES) goes to an external DAC. I will have to get a toslink to test that end of it out. Otherwise, the other processing modes (hall, theater, etc) were rather ordinary. I don't listen to music that way so that's not an issue for me. My main goals were to have pure analogue inputs for both 2-channel and 5.1 channel (for SACD). In that area, this unit does NOT disappoint:-)!! I only expect the sound to get better but will be happy to post again after appropriate break-in if anyony is interested. Tony
Well, I have close to 40 hours on this baby now and the congestion is GONE. The upper midrange has opened up nicely. I still think the surround modes on this unit are crap but the DD and DTS are very good. However, my Sony 999ES internal DD and DTS processing is the equal of this processor - and that is a compliment because the Sony has one of the BEST processors I have ever heard - stunning performance from a built-in, internal processor! The clarity of the stereo AND 5.1 channel inputs are what make this preamp tic and this is what my main concern was. An excellent preamp for music. The SACD multi-channel is better than ever. I was considering the Audio Refinement Pre-5 but am very happy with the Pre-2 DSP. I highly recommend this preamp for anyone looking in the sub $2K range and whose main goal is a "clean" sound w/o the bells and whistles.