Audio Points between monitor and stand?

Speakers are EgglestonWorks Fontaines. The originals, which are two-piece: monitor and stand bolted together. I am curious about small brass feet/spikes which drain vibrations from audio gear (Audio Points from Star Sound Technologies) placed between the monitors and stands. (I’ve witnessed their products in action on another’s system, though different application – thus my positive interest. ) Star Sound recommends me placing three of their small points (approximate diameter = one dime; height = three dimes) between my monitors and their stands.

1. Has anyone done this with Audio Points or other product on their Fontaines or other speaker/stand combo?

2. Any reason why I should not try this with my specific speakers?

Thank you
The Star Sound Technologies SP101 speaker platforms trasformed the performance of my floorstanding speakers. I would give it a try.
Thank you for your reply Roxy54. I've heard the SP101 in action on a friend's speakers - remarkable. They are my long term goal to afford. But in the mean time, Robert suggested the tiny points between monitors and stands. My concern is that the monitors already fit tightly on the stands with no gap whatsoever. The stands are considered "integrated" with the monitors and are useful with bass extension. My concern is, by inserting points (effectively spacers), will I lose the stands' integration effectiveness?
I have Carravelle speakers,the stands were made with Star Sound points.I have
several of the small threadless points and disc.I am not using at the moment,If
you would like to try them and send them back in a month or so,let me
know.Someone let me borrow a few of them once,so I can do the same.If not no
problem.They have made a positive diff in what ever I have used them with.Ray

Try it, what have you got to lose? Just remember that if the speakers aren't directly coupled to the stands, you have two choices.

First, if you use the coupling discs to protect the stand, will the speaker walk on the stand, or is the speaker's mass great enough to keep this from happening? You don't want it walking.

Second, if you don't use the coupling disc to protect the stand so that the points dig into the stand and couple, is that okay with you?

I did this with my B&W Silver Signatures, but they were coupled to their slate stands with screws. I loosened the screws to allow the points and discs to do their thing and the screws prevented any walking.

I started with the small points too, but ended up with the 1" or 1.5" points before I stopped.

Also, are your speakers threaded and maybe your stands threaded where you could screw the points into the speakers and the coupling discs into the stands to get a better coupling? Look at my current setup, the points are screwed into the bottom of the speakers and the coupling discs are screwed into the top of the stands.

It might be worthwhile to take advantage of Ray's kind offer and borrow some points and discs to try.

Good luck!

I just reread your post and see that the speakers are bolted to the stands.

One possibility is like I did with my Silver Signatures, let the bolts hold the speakers in place while the points and coupling discs do the coupling.

The other might be to screw the points and the coupling discs into the threaded holes for the bolts, like my current setup.

Chuck, what benefits did you notice after putting yours on the points right beneath the speakers?

I'm contemplating doing the same thing with the bigger Mapleshade footers.
My speakers (Merlin TSM's) don't have screw holes in the bottom, but I think they're heavy enough to keep from 'walking' around. Plus, I have homemade wooden speaker stands (multiple 4 x 4's), so the points will dig in a bit, but I'm okay with that.

Do you see any potential problems with my plan?

Thank you Ray and Krell for your replies.

Thank you Ray for that most kind offer. I am considering several of his products, any of which I can return if not satisfied. So i'll be ordering the small ones to try on my mains, along with other larger ones for other gear.

Krell - good idea. I will use the bolts to keep the speakers in place, just won't tighten them down too much.

Has anyone seen my monitors on their stands? Not typical stands. If unfamiliar with the Fontaines, please see my system for reference. I have more of a concern placing anything between my monitors and their stands, designed to fit as one piece, more like a floorstander. Were they typical monitor/stand combination I would not be so concerned.

It will be interesting to see how this turns out for you.

If the speaker is heavy and the stand is heavy, you'd think that having them bolted together would just be creating one heavy and solid speaker. Then it would seem like just having spikes on the bottom of the stand would be sufficient.

It most certainly is worth trying the points between the speaker and stand to see what happens. A lot of times, what appears logical ends up not being the best way at all, and experimenting like this brings grand results.

Let us know how everything turns out.



I can't honestly say that I noticed anything that I can comment on.

Remember, spiking the speakers does two things. First, it couples the speaker to the stand which hopefully is coupled to the floor. The second, the speaker is being raised the height of the spike changing the speaker to your ear, and in essence the sound.

In your instance with your wooden speaker stands, what you'd be doing is in effect, the same thing as placing a component on Mapleshade footers on one of their Samson platforms. That's a good thing and definitely worth trying to see if you like it.

Danny,It will be interesting to find out, exactly what will change with spikes.Some good(pardon the pun) points have been brought up. Ray