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Short review: Merlin Vsm MXr vs Master
Was wondering the same thing as Shakey . . . 
Kimber ks 3033 vs kubala sosna emotion vs...
The Cable Co will let you borrow them all. Just go to their web site. 
The most overlooked album
Just ran through a few tunes on it . . . NOT thanking you. 
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Been listening to it for years.An absolute masterpiece. 
Polk Audio RT2000p or LSi 25's--- WHO CARES ???
2012chipmunk57 -- looks like you've gotten what it seems you wanted . . . some attention.And you've brought absolutely ZERO to the conversation. Good job. 
Novice needs Mac Mini and DAC advice
What's a 'Stereo Boy'? 
Cones for the computer?
Single - those look interesting (& the price ain't bad); but I haven't tried them. I have, however, tried Final Labs Daruma under my computer. They're a ball bearing item that lets it move similar (I think) to those. And I preferred cones unde... 
Bluetooth tempo and pitch issues?
Rel - I didn't even know such an item existed, so I certainly haven't heard it.Think about this: any codec used by Bluetooth has to be lossy in order to fit within the available bandwidth. Additionally, a CD player needs a bit-rate of at least 1.4... 
Bluetooth tempo and pitch issues?
There isn't a 'very slight loss in quality', there's a HUGE loss in quality.But I do agree with you, it is very convenient. And I use it sometimes when cooking or doing some other activity, but never for serious listening. Bluetooth involves WAY t... 
Isolation for DAC/Class D Power Amp
I have done extensive experimentation with isolation of my own components, and every piece has benefited. However, what sounds best under my tubed integrated amp (Final Labs Daruma) may not be what sounds best under yours. With that said, to answe... 
HDtracks 24/96 Marvin Gaye - Worth it?
The SACD for Let It Bleed is pretty good; realize it's a little late, but if you want the best version out there, that's it. 
Core Audio Server Ryan Mintz
Mr. Mintz:If you have, as you claim, 'hundreds' of customers who love their Mac Mini systems you've prepared, why do you have only . . . one feedback here?As the owner of a brand new Mac Mini, I'd like to know. 
Cones for the computer?
Right now I've got my MacBook pro up on some FIM cones, and I am ready to state that I won't be going back. 
Need speaker advice
Actusreus Where are you located? Maybe you could find someone on here who's handy & could help you out. 
Need speaker advice
Me, I'd buy the tweeter, some good solder and have it myself.But that's just me.Aside from that, I'm with pretty much everyone else: I can't see how replacement of ONE tweeter could cost $2k.