Audio Mirror DAC Tubadour III SE Signature Edition Non oversampling Tube DAC

Has anyone have any experience with Audio Mirrors DACs.  Specifically comparing to a Denaphrips DAC in the same price range? I came across a Audio Mirror DAC for sale. I haven't heard of them before but it looks to be legit and under the radar. From what I read about it(and there's very little)it seems like a DAC that could be compared to the Denafrip sound signatures. I only mention Denafrip because they have been extensively reviewed. 
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From what I read about it(and there’s very little)it seems like a DAC that could be compared to the Denafrip sound signatures.
I tend to doubt this. While they both are R2R DACs, the Denafrips DACs are solid state and the AM DACs — as their product name implies — use tubes, which tend to have a different sound signature especially when employed in DACs. But both make great DACs to be sure.

as @tvad mentioned, there is plenty written about both dacs here in this, and in other forums - a search will yield much useful input

i have both dacs currently in the stable (have the dena pontus now, had the lower ares as well as the terminator which i sold, and the tubador 3 se)

they are both excellent dacs at their respective price points... the dena dacs are somewhat more forward with treble detail than the audio mirror, which in turn has more ’bloom’ - the dena dacs (in oversampling mode), have a terrific deep wide specific imaging capability, very impressive ... the audio mirror images vastly as well, but outlines are less specific, and as one would expect, the audio mirror gives a touch more palpabiity to voices and acoustic instruments, while the dena dacs are a bit cleaner with transients - both have good bass weight and depth, but are not exemplary in terms of bass tightness/tunefulness

which works for you depends of system and room matching needs you have
jjss +1

I had the Ares 2 in Jan for a couple weeks and had to move up to higher
product. The $1700 pontus was a strong consideration. The Ares had a
bit too much sibilance for my ears. Originally I was shopping for a dac
with tubes as I enjoy that warmth. After reading about Vlad and speaking
with him I chose his Tubadour for a few reasons. 
-Wanted the tube sound with R2R
-Listening to Vlad experience and background made me a believer.
-He is in the USA. I have already had him do an upgrade. 

Not sure if you are aware but the chip he chose for musicality reasons
only-is the AD 1865. Same one Audionote uses. 

Very pleased with it. Does take 200-300 hours to burn in so be patient.
The Denafrips is ready to go.