Audia flight protection mode

Hi I have bought a second hand Audia flight phono stage. It starts in standby and then the blue light flashes fast for 60 seconds, and then it switches on for about 2 seconds. It then locks up with a flashing blue called protective mode. Nothing I do seems to change this. I was just wondering if anyone had experienced this, and if so what the fix was? It seems it worked perfectly in the dealer's demo system, but after transport has this error in 2 different systems. I would really love a quick fix, but the manual and the website have very little info on error conditions.
Don't you have a return-refund timeframe even for 2nd hand sold equipment from the dealer?
I would return it to the dealer, and let him figure it out. Only other thing to try is to check the fuses inside, but I would try to get the dealers input first.
I own the Audia Flight Phono and have never experienced anything like the situation you describe. I would guess that there is either a short of some type on the output or a problem with the protection circuitry.
Thanks for the responses. It's just the dealer is on the other side of the country, I was hoping there was a quick fix, without the need to ship back and forth.
well it usually happens when it doesn't read right voltage off the voltage regulator. to be more precise the circuit will not 'open' till it sees the right voltage. thus voltage regulator(often single ic) is often the one to replace. ask manufacturer if that is a common problem and what they recommend to do or offer to do if you decide to fix it on your own. if you try and try to troubleshoot yourself, be noted that you may leave noticeable traces of 'invasion' and it may block you from sending it back for refund or different unit.
Thanks Czarivey, I have cut my losses and sent it back for repair. I don't think anyone would take it back after an attempted repair. I will be interested to find out what the problem was.
I was told it was a pin hole in the transformer case? Apparently damaged during transit? I would have thought the transformer was securely bolted to the chassis, shouldn't be loose objects travelling around in the case. Anyhow the dealer was great and is getting me a new one, should be here in 2 weeks.
Glad it turned out nicely, but pin hole in transformer case seems to be "found something to say". Dealer doesn't repair your unit so he/she may not know what was really wrong while techie may explain something like that to secure one's business or job security.
As you know, English is spelled differently than pronounced. Same principal was honestly followed when pronounced "pin hole in the transformer case". Trust me the spelling is entirely different :-).
Well the new Audia Flight arrived today. Wow!! It's supposed to need several hundred hours run in. I can't imagine what can get better than this? I am now officially in audio Nirvana, the Ayre MXR and KXR are run in and the Audia flight is the Cherry on top.
This one works perfectly, can't imagine what is still to come. The Sim Audio, while brilliant is no mach for this. Great dealer! Thanks GrooveWorks.
Dinster, glad to hear that your AF is back and running great. I also purchased mine used and worry about repairs in the future if needed. So far it sounds great. I leave it in standby mode so I don't have to reach around the back of the power supply to keep turning it on and off. Mine takes about 2 minutes to power up, go from blinking to solid LED. It seems like a long time to put on the first record but it is worth it once I start playing. I don't know if you have an upgraded PC to your AF, but I do notice an improvement with one. I also use RCA output since I already had the cable. Best of luck with your repaired AF.
Now after 2 months audiophillia nervosa sets in:) What loading do you use with MC cartridges. There are "bizarre" loadings built into the Audia Flight. 6 between 0 and 100 Ohm, and then a huge gap to 900 Ohm. Currently I am running an Atlas at 100 Ohm loading, didn't like it that much at 900, is it worth trying resistors for values between 100 and 900? The 900 Ohm seemed to suck the life out of the music, didn't try it for very long. My cable from headshell to phono has a 80pF capacitance. The sound is just sublime, but .... maybe it could be better?
Stay within recommended loading ranges. capacitance is no matter for MC. 100Ohms is reasonable for most MC and for the rest of sound perfection you can experient with VTA, VTF
I have a flight to review but no manual. Hoping to get photo of the page of the manual that explains the loading jumper logic
Hi guys, do you know maybe how can I switch on those blue led light? I it turned off and when I press standby button for more than 5 second I've got like two flashes - manual says that this mean that the light is off but there's no word about how to switch it on