Atma-Sphere Class D… Amazing

Today I picked up my Atma-Sphere Class D Amps. These aren’t broken in yet. And they are simply amazing. I’ve listen to a lot of High End Class D. Some that cost many times what Atma-Sphere Class D costs. I wasn’t a fan of any of them. But these amps are amazing. I really expected to hate them. So my expectations were low. The Details are of what I’ve never heard from any other amps. They are extremely neutral. To say the realism is is extremely good is a gross understatement. They are so transparent it’s scary. These amps just grab you and suck you into the music. After I live with them some and get them broken in. And do some comparisons to some other high end Amps Solid State, Tubes and Class D’s, also in other systems I’ll do a more comprehensive review. But for now, these are simply amazing amps.. Congrats to Ralph and his team. You guys nailed on these.




I just got my atma-sphere monoblocks yesterday. took a few weeks upon ordering. they're bigger than I expected; can't fit them side by side on my rack. guess I will have to place them on the floor.

No instruction manual but I guess probably not needed. they came with a set of u-shaped pins to insert into the xlr ports; I've not used this before. do they have to be inserted when using RCA into the blocks? 


I think I have a manual and can copy and send to you. I am pretty sure you only need the pin if you are connecting to a preamp (other source) that has only RCA outputs.

I honestly staggered the amps about the width of the overhang of the front plate and was able to put on my rack. If you are able to put them on the floor, though, you can get very short speaker cables for better sound.

I suspect Ralph may chime in and correct any mistakes I stated lol.

@docroasty Use the shorting plug if you are using the RCA inputs on the amp. You insert the plug into pins 1 and 3 of the XLR input.

@dseltz about the only thing that jumps out is there is no manual for the A-S Class D amps :-)