ATC vs Merlin

I'm looking to upgrade my speakers and I am currently looking at a used pair of either the merlin tsm mme or the atc scm 11's. I listen to all kinds of music and my room is on the smallish side. I would appreciate any feedback I could get on these two speaks, thanks.
I've owned both. With SS there is zero question in my mind that the ATC, as long as you have good current and at least 50 (some say more) good watts, destroys the Merlin. I understand the Merlin is quite good with tubes, but I used mine with Naim SS and VERY quickly sold them as they were unlistenable.
I am a professional violinist, no way affilitated to either companies. I own Merlins, both VSM at home, and TSM in studio.
So addmittedly biased ;-)
I friend of mine uses ATC active, which is an extremely appealing way of using theses speakers, dont know which model.
For ATC, you will need an absolute first class amplification, rather more, than stated above, imo. Then you will get an extremely full and powerful sound, but my friends room is pretty dead, it being a professional studio..

My merlins go far with small amplification, and I mean very far.. My own room is from early last century, so wood/plaster, the VSM comes along as naturally fast, slim but full, agile but blossoming.

So, be sure to think about room and amplification. I use Merlin with Berning ZH270 to full satisfaction.

In the end, the results are not so far off, funnily enough. hope this helps anyway.
..sorry forgot the TSM's
I find them amazing, using them as monitoring speakers for my own recordings (you'll find me) so here I can unreservedly recommend these speakers as best monitors I ever used!

(This includes Sonus Faber Guarneris, which I loved, playing an instrument not by the same maker, but with the same name ;-))
I heard ATCs many years ago, so I can't compare, I will say the Merlin speakers (I own VSM-MXEs) are the best two-way speakers I have ever heard. I suspect that but for the lowest bass, their monitors are likely to be in the top rank as well. I'm not sure about the comment above regarding SS amps, I think that as the Merlins have evolved over time they have become more and more SS friendly, but I also suspect the vast majority of Merlin owner use tubes for which the Merlins are ideally suited.
BP- You asked "when". My TSM were purchased 12, or so, years back. Truly sounded awful with great Naim kit. It's interesting because we spoke several times and you phone-consulted all you could but nothing changed the fact that the speakers just did not interface well with Naim. The only issue I have is I cannot find another speaker which does not LOVE Naim other than single-driver Fostex abortions. From ATC to Linn to Rega to Harbeth to Spendor to Vandersteen all sound amazing with Naim so...?
l, if you tried the tsm mme which was what j was asking about, you would probabaly have had a different reaction. 12 years ago we used a single ended triode amp as a reference which sounds very different from the naim product you enjoy. current merlin models do sound excellent with ss but still better with tubes and have been reviewed as such. your tsm was probably a tsm or tsm rc which is 4 or 5 models before current merlin product. we have come a long way in 12 years. and all of the speakers you have tried with the naim amp have one thing in common which explains why you like it. i will not get into this. imho, it would be fairer if you offered opinions based on current product when current product is asked about.
enjoy your system and thank you for your reply.
best, b
BP- I agree with your comments having re-read the post. I did not see the fellow (or gal) was only considering CURRENT product. I thought they were merely contrasting buyer experiences with ATC/Merlin.