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Manufacurers I have known.... 2 Bobby Palkovic
Bobby Palkovic. RIP. 
Upgrading the Wadia S7i
Hello,Just to be sure, are you passing on your Über-Wadia S7i?So have you found something better, or simply more convenient? ;-)Best..E 
Merlin Master VSM
I can only agree: One year into using my VSM MXM's I will stay with them. I disclose: Longtime Merlin user, TSM MME, VSM MXE, and now this. Otherwise no affiliation.Highly recommended! 
Wadia Digital - S7i one-box cd player
I own a fabulous S7i with the GNSC mods, and it is a joy.Their have been always weird noises, but I had recently a remote control issue, which they promptly resolved with no big ado.. 
BOW ZZ8 mk3 vs. WADIA S7i
Hi Lars,I will mail you privately to ask your alternatives with Mac.. I currently use Audirvana. But yes indeed my comparisons are based on silver discs.. 
BOW ZZ8 mk3 vs. WADIA S7i
I ought to make clear that the Wadia is a fully Statement modded GNSC model.. 
Bow Technologies ZZ8 DAC, Impressions ?
Sorry took a very long time, lost interest in reviewing as listening was just so much fun. However, I did now do a short longterm description, how the sound works with these two devices..It is not up yet, but I'll post the link.. 
Wadia s7i output - to adjust or not to adjust?
it is also my experience, that you need time - I really like mine!! I use it through a passive Audio Consulting Silver Rock into MIPA amp, that allows me to stay in or nearest 100% and still able to turn it down, when need be..Silver Rock are extr... 
Review: Merlin Music Systems VSM-mx Master Speaker
Well! I have been using the Master TSM for a year now. I like it - even though I admit I am expecting the Master VSM's now; so I guess I do expect some more ;-)But having had the SF Guarneris and earlier iterations of the TSM I must admit they are... 
Review: BOW Technologies ZZ-1 Amplifier
funny that: I own a ZZ1 and 8 and rate them as absolute keepers! And..I own the MAster TSM which goes very well with it!! Well worth going down that road. enjoy. 
Bow Technologies ZZ8 DAC, Impressions ?
Regarding BOW ZZ8 MK III (NOS) :Please watch this space, I am going to review it with a direct comparison to the WADIA S7i. But I need some time. 
Review: Wadia S7i ( an extreme upgrade ) CD Player
I am on my second Wadia - first the 781, then the 7i; both with GNSC mods. COMPLETELY happy, so I can just wonder what more there is to be done ????!!!!enjoy! egidius 
wadia 151 dac/amp
Hi,indeed, I use or used it with a fantastic Merlin MAster TSM: The volume setting is 49 (quiet) 60 (middle loud) 70 (if you want a full orchestra)I had exactly the same thought as you, but - as it never got warm in any way, i forgot about it. It ... 
Dump the Wadia 781?
As you say, sidewaymove. My estimate, although I own the S7i also GNS.But I hear you regarding Wadia; although I cannot judge it properly. They might end up bright and shining.e 
Marantz CD-7 Review
This might be a difficult response, but answering Jinaxwong seems important:I have never heard the CD-7, but the SA-7 I loved way more than the SCD-1 one by Sony until - I had it modded by VSEI. that indeed was truly outstanding. But I would never...