assistance - need to power VSA-VR4jr

I need recommndations on an int. amp or pre-power combo to power a pair of Von schweikert VR4-jr. I would like it to be musical,detailed and with a nice sound stage .I would prefer new stuff but you can also recommend on used - budget is up to $3k.Thanks
I've heard these speakers with SimAudio I-5 solid state, and Cary SLI-80 Signature tube amp. The speakers sound great either way. A friend of mine drives his with the Cary SLP-98 tube pre-amp and SimAudio W-3 amp, which gives the best of both worlds.
I have a McIntosh MA 6900 solid state integrated amp with these speakers and couldn't be more pleased. I never hear compression at any volume. This m odel can be be had for around your budget.
Don't tell anyone I said so, but word is that the DK integrated has an impressive synergy with the 4JRs. Do a search and you'll find a number of people who were shocked at how well these two worked together. The price for a brand new DK dovetails right into your budget. Shhhhh...

You might also consider a used BAT VK 300x. You can usually find one in the classifieds at or around your price target. This is a very sweet combination (not sure about the SE version, as I have not heard it personally.)
Try an Adcom 5500, find a later one with the detachable power cord. 200 wpc, MOSFET. Around $600.00 used, clean.

Then buy $2400.00 worth of Fat Tire Ale, steak, & pizza.
I'll be buy to tweak the grill.....
I'm driving my VR4jrs with a PV14L and Premier 11A with 6550s. Its a very sweet match.

what ratio of the $2400 would you suggest on the FT, Steak, and pizza?

I'd use the "Golden Mean" that Rowland uses on their amp chassis. - I'd just give the benefit of any doubt to the Fat Tire.........