Art Audio Carissa vs Cary SLI-80

Anybody have any feedback for me regarding the Carissa (non-signature model w/passive volume control) paired with Coincident Partial Eclipse 2's? I'm currently using & enjoying a SLI-80, F-1 in triode mode. Wondering if it would be an upgrade??? thanks & cheers
You would get more bang for your buck if you went with other speakers. See if you can find a pair of Harbeth's. A livelier speaker to be sure. Keep you coincidents and compare the two, keep the one you like.

You're messing with a nice system, be careful. The Carissa would just be different, whether or not it would be an upgrade would be up to you. Do you like the sound of SET's?
I would be a nice match. I thought about getting a Dehavilland with those speakers. The above poster sells both so you could ask him about the difs. The Dehavilland is more my speed.
I would go for the Carissa. Single ended amps do have a magic sound that push-pulls designs don’t. I have never heard the Carissa but I do have a single ended Audionote which just sounds waaay better than the Sli 80.

I have a 12wpc amp driving 88db sensitivity speakers, so the Carissa’s 16wpc would be more than ample for your Coincidents.

I can't speak for or against the Cary but I do own a Carissa, Sig version, and it is sweet. It has a magic that truly draws me in. I use it sometimes on my Maggie 3.6's. It has the quality to drive them up to its 16 wpc limit and still maintain all that SET beauty. It should be a great match for your Coincidents. Good luck.