Are New Sony SCD XA5400es Players Still Available?

Hello to all,

I am considering purchasing a new Sony SCD XA5400es. I am finding some rather odd information on the Internet and Audiogon. I am seeing Audiogoners saying the player is out of production and I am seeing others selling new players below the normal retail price of $1500. I also found a price on that is for just under $900.

Does anyone know if there are “knock-of “ players in the market people may be selling or are the players actually available at these good prices?

Thanks for any feedback.
There are some good prices on new machines. Check out the Modwright circle on There is a thread there devoted to this topic and a list of dealers.
Let's see, the Sony retails for approx. $1500, the DV-50 retailed for $5500. Duh, I guess it should sound better!
I am selling a 5400ES. I bought two, and I am having one modified (VSE). I have decided to keep another player, that also does Blue Ray, so I am selling one. The Manager of The Sony store told me it was out of production. About six weeks ago he was able to locate only three players in inventory in the US. It is possible that dealers and distributers have stockpiled these players, as they are highly rated, and we will be seeing them for sale for some time. Anyone who has a collection of SACD's will want to be certain that they have a good player for future use.
Very interesting as a always found the Esoteric CD sound to be very thin, digital sounding and not my cup of tea.
it looks like there is a difference of opinion regarding the relative performance of the sony and esoteric players. this is another example of the adage: "spend more and you may not get more". you don't always get sonic improvements by spending more money.
You can get the Esoteric DV-50 on Audiogon around $1500, use. That is how much I paid for my on Audiogon.
"You don't always get sonic improvements by spending more money". I agree with Mrtennis in this statement. Each company price their products differently whatever the reason is, may be their brand is more popular or well known..etc. Company A is aproximately 5-10K different does not mean it will sound better than Company B. For instant the Sonus Faber Stradivari speakers sound less details than Revel Salon 2. The love of music and the quest for that perfect sound never end. It's an expensive hobby.
I found this website rated all the Hifi equipments maybe it will help or use as a goby in deciding which equipment one should purchase. The website is Click on the top 1000
Such encyclopedic numerical listings are nonsense since they cannot convey the significant qualitative differences among the products. Besides, there are errors in the product listing.

If a used DV-50 for $1500 sounds great in your system, I'm happy for you, but.... I too owned a used one back around 2005 and to my ears(and JWM's) it did sound dry, lean and analytical. When things got busy, the sound got hard and edgy. After a month or so, it ended up on the 'Gon.

After that, I sprung for a maxed out APL Denon 3910 with the AKM dacs. Big improvement but it still sounded like good digital.

These days I'm living with the Modwright/Sony 5400 and couldn't be happier; so much so, I'm about to pick up a spare laser assembly JIC. It's far and away, the best digital I've heard but it doesn't really sound like digital, other than no surface noise, tics or pops.