AQ Argents vs Goertz MI2 Speaker Cables

Another Gon member has turned me on to Goertz cables. Before doing some research on Goertz these past few days, I thought they were gimmicky with their flat cables that might be suitable for custom installations.

So far, I've read plenty of favorable posts on Audioreview, Agon, and AA. But, I haven't read any posts on how it would compare to my Argents. Have you had experience with Audioquest cables and Goertz as well, namely the Argent and Mi2, ofcourse?

If you have experience the rest of the Goertz's product line compared to Audioquest cables, these opinions are greatly welcomed as well.

I am running Argent+ bi-wire on my Maggie 2.6R's with great results, although the maggies are single wire. I have tried Goertz MI3 and Oval 9 with much poorer results. It almost sounds like the detail gets laost in the heavy guage. Hope this helps.
Viggen, what´s your system? Have you compared the Argents to any other cables?
I´m also interested in the Goertz speaker cables. They are said to be a great match with my Magnepans (according to the Cable Comp.) which currently are hooked up with a double run of AQ Argent. I´m also curious to find out how the Argents stack up to other cables, Kimber, Tara, etc.
Hi Hasse,

Unfortunately, I havne't compared the Argents I am using to a lot of other cables.

I have Kimber 4tc and Midnight3. Comparing to Argent, neither of these cables sound "right" in my system.

My amp is 8002 Aragon, and the speakers are KEF103/4. I have much better results using full range application.
Hi Viggen,

What is the major sonic difference, in your system, between
the Argents and 4TC/ Midnight?

Since you have Argents already, you know its attributes.

Obvious differences between 4TC and Argents are that 4TC
has zippier highs, more emphasis in midrange and leaner bass. This cable would sound great in a monitor or if it is biwired to the HF. Brass instruments sounds excellent with 4TC.

Differences between 12am and Argent are that 12am sounds more energetic, dynamic and forceful. It is not as clean or balanced sounding compared to Argents. I used to use biwire using Argents on HF and 12am on LF, but 12am seem to emit added artifacts into the sound plus the HF is a little louder probably because of their gauge differential.

Hope this helps.
Thanks Viggen,
Interesting to hear that you didn´t like the Argent/12am (ha) biwire set since this is one of the combinations recommended by AQ. However, I prefer identical cables.

I've owned the Argent and 12am and used them in biwire configuration for about 6 yrs. I only recently removed the 12am. Trying not to sound like a sales pitch, I added a virtual dynamics p3 cord to my transport and amp, and my system became too dynmaic to biwire. They sounded much more coherent without biwiring.

Also, after adding the powercords, as mentioned before, the difference in sound quality and characteristics between Argent and 12am became more apparent where having the 12am degraded the system's sound.