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Magnepan 3.7 - 3.7i owners need help please
Steve, the change is perhaps not as big as I had hoped, they still sound a bit leaner than the 3.6...if memory serves. The 3.7 sounds slightly different but not necessarily better, different strenghts and weaknesses.When I asked Wendell about the ... 
Magnepan 3.7 - 3.7i owners need help please
After 12 years with 3.6´s I switched to 3.7´s when they came out. I feel that the 3.6´s had more, slightly rounder bass but not as articulate as the 3.7´s. The 3.6´s could sound a bit weightier but also somewhat bloated in comparison. Makes me won... 
Audio Research 610T
well ARC is my first power tube amp, for the sound i don't mind the trouble unless i have the $$$ to get the Pass labs XS300 I actually saw a pair of used 610T´s in a store here in Sweden, the owner replaced them with the Pass XS300. 
Can Pass XA60.8's drive Revel Ultima Salon2's without their tongues hanging out?
Voodoo, how does the X250.8 compare to the XA60.8? 
Planar speaker placement
Again, with planer speakers, the more you move them close to you, it is so much easier to become one with the music itself.  More like being there.  More real.Nearfield with big panels is IMHO more like listening to big headphones or like sitting ... 
Amplifier for the magnepan 3.7i
(BTW.....Heard the 3.7i's at a local audio shop hooked up to Pass Labs 250.8 that was very nice too.)Do you recall if the amp stayed in class A or if the meters were bouncing around? How would you say the Magtech differs from the Pass X250.8? 
Wilson Audio Haters
Why does Wilson get so much thrashing? Sour grapes 
I think my listening room is a bit on the large size, so guessing the 1.7's would be better suited? The 3.7 or 20.7 will work better in a large room. An oversimplification would be:Small room - small speaker (.7 or 1.7)medium sized room - medium s... 
Thanks stewart, was it the X350 or 350.5 you owned? Based on what I´ve heard the .8-series should be more neutral vs the more lush sounding .5´s. 
The thing that struck me instantly on the Brystons was low level detail.....it is miles better than the Pass X350 I had.....beyond that, they're both musical, but I'd give the edge to Bryston......with other speakers it could be a different matter... 
The best amps are the ones I have now, Bryston 28BSST2runner up, Bryston 7BSST2after that in order of "best sound"Pass X350.5Stewart, how would you describe the sonic difference between the 7BSST2 and the Pass 350.5? I am toying with the idea of  ... 
Pass Labs amps questions
When I heard the C4 Platinums driven by the XA60.8 monos the needles never moved even though we played at quite loud levels. More powerful than you think. 
Bryston vs MBL
i would choose others over the bryston thought.Which amps? 
Thanks for the review whitecamaross,did you find the XA30.8 lacking in power or were the X350.5/250.8 simply better sounding?  
Is Maggie 20.1 still overall better than 3.7?
Which REL´s integrate best with Maggies (3.7)?