Apple tv with Apple music hi res streaming issues?

I am trying to get hi res audio from Apple Music and Amazon Music HD through my Apple TV.  But as I understand it (From Apple website) IF I stream through my Apple TV the MAX resolution I can get is 24/48khz which as I understand it is only CD quality.

So, how do I get optimum hi res audio streaming quality then?  Do I try to just go to the Apple Music Apps on my smart TV and not try to stream from my Apple TV?


I have changed the settings on my computer to the hi res settings BUT the Apple forum says ONLY 24/48khz but not 24/192 hi res.  That makes no sense to me.


Please tell me your thoughts.




My thoughts are that 24/48 IS hi res compared to 16/44.1.

What doyah want? Rubber biscuit?

What part of TV does not rhyme with HiFi?

Ok, but They both claim that they have 24/192 khz.  

I am just a guy wanting better hi res audio.  I don't consider myself an audiophile just a guy that likes good high quality hi res audio.

So I just asked IF went directly to the apps instead of through the Apple TV (Apple Music & Amazon HD) if I might get higher resolution.

Would anyone else please weigh in?  I am obviously in over my head.

I guess I am going to look at this differently. I have a rig worth something like $150K… and typically the mastering techniques determine whether a recording sounds better versus whether it is red book CD or higher resolution. If you are sending the signal through Apple TV, what are you sending it to? If you want a really good resolution, use Qobuz and a really good streamer to a high quality audio system. 

Thanks for your comment.  I am running it through a mid level Schiit audio dac and a Schiit audio Freya + preamp and into a a Crown XLS 1502 amp.  I have very old but fully rebuilt and very cool vintage Dahlquist DQ-10 speakers that needed a lot of power.

I am retired and on a tight budget.  I hear that the Bluesound Node 3 streamer which has a better Dac inside might carry the day and improve my situation.

But then the question is:  will the streamer REALLY bring the music and audio to a much better hi res outcome?

As I have said, I am just an old guy that wants to hear as good audio as I can given my current set up.  Thanks again.


Apple Music Hi-Fi has two quality settings. Apple Music Lossless and Hi-Res Lossless. Compared to standard lossless audio (CD quality), Hi-Res lossless audio is 24-bit with a sample rate of 192kHz, while standard lossless audio is 24-bit at 48kHz. more simply put, Hi-Res lossless audio is seen as a better version of Apple Music lossless audio.

To solve your problem, you can use AudFree Apple Music Downloader to get Apple Hi-Res music for playback on your Apple TV.


Given you situation… a BlueSound is the way to go! Switch to Qobuz. Qobuz is costing me about $12 / month using the annual plan… over a half million high resolution albums. Best sound of any streaming service.