Anyone using all Mac Palladium ICs in their system

I just got a pair of the Mac Palladiums and so far they seem to be as good as the forum reviews/buzz they've been getting. In fact, I can't find anything wrong with this cable; it does everything right! But, I use three pairs of interconnects as Merlin speakers use the Bam which is a component that requires an additional interconnect. Wondering what adding more Mac Palladiums might sound like. Right now, they are a good match with my other ICs, one copper (Luminous Audio Synchestra Reference) and one silver (APL). So far, I can't detect any sonic signature to the Palladiums. They sound like there's no cable there, just air. There's a purity and immediacy to the sound that's uncanny. Ethereal soundstage, great punchy bass that's not out of balance, detailed and open. For any all Mac cable users out there, did you notice any changes or sonic character accumulate as you added the Mac cables in your system. I realize the only way to find out is to try it myself, but just wondering what other's experiences have found.
I use all palladiums either MAC or RS Audio they replaced audioquest King Cobras. I would not have any problem reccomending this cable especially considering how much the MAC have came down in cost
My speaker cables are 6N Silver (Crystal clear).
They only resulted in better everthing, no faults.