Anyone tried retrofiting AT&T to Theta Data Basic2

Anyone tried retrofiting AT&T digital output to Theta Data Basic II CD transport ? Is it possible at all ?
You need the optional card to be installed before you can use AT & T digital cable. Not possible without the card.
I think the concept is like overloading a dead horse. There are just so many better transports---the Data 3 for starters-----The list is long.
Well, I paid 600 bucks for a ABSOLUTELY miny Data Basic II, adding an AT&T option would probably make it a 900$ buy.

I don't really think that there are too many better sounding 900$ transports.

I just upgraded mu Basic IIIa to Gen Va, and I'm trying to utilise Gen's AT&T input.
the AES/EBU balanced output will sound better than the AT&T on the Theta equipment.The Theta Laser Linque optical digital connection is supposedly better than the balanced digital connection. I would consider the sonically better sounding Theta Data III transport before upgrading your current transport
Well I contacted John @ theta and it seems that theta no longer makes those AT&T plug-in modules, anyway.

I think I will stick with my Illuminati Orichid AES/EBU digital cable then.