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USB noise filter, jitterbug or ifi
I'm using Wyred4Sound Recovery USB and find it highly effective. PS. The iFi noise filtering dongle has been proven to work as advertised by ASR, athough they were not able to measure effects at the DAC out. 
PS Audio DirectStream DAC measurements by ASR
I recently bought the Stellar Gain Cell DAC/pre-amp, and I'm now wondering if it measures similarly. Well, it actually measures even worse: https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-and-measurements-of-the-ps-audio-stellar... 
PS Audio DirectStream DAC measurements by ASR
The basic task of a DAC is to recreate the digital signal without noise. A 6k device is failing in basic measurement. Will you be happy with a car which is advertised at making 400HP making 130HP on dyno? Well, actually the measurements made b... 
Soundmarkt Berlin Germany
This is a total scam.  
I would get the digital cable from someone who actually understands how to properly build a digital cable -  Chris Sommovigo 's Black Cat Cable springs to mind.https://blackcatcable.com/collections/redlevelBTW - I had great results with Genesis ... 
Auralic Vega and USB Reclockers (W4S Recovery and iFi Micro USB 3.0)
If you want to improve further, try UpTone Audio LPS-1 PSU on the W4S Recovery unit. It makes a great difference in SQ. There are a lots of threads on Computer Audiophile forum on this PSU.Also, instead of iFi, you may want to try the Intona USB i... 
Nakamichi CA-5 Flea market find
I would list it on ebay instead. Examples in a good shape are worth $300-$500. 
Which British Hi-Fi Magazine is Your Favorite of the Brits?
+1 to Hi-Fi News & Record Review and HiFi Critic.  
+1 to what joeind says. It could be a scam.ALWAYS wait for the item to return before giving any money back to the buyer.I have never seen any AgoN policy that would advise/require otherwise. 
Who would buy a Boulder 3050 amplifier?
If they can afford one ... more power to them ! 
What do you think of soundbars compared to speakers?
The only soundbar I know that sounds ok by hi-fi standards is Naim Muso.I have one in my office. I'm using it as an all in one solution. 
Rubidium Clock
Thanks. I went ahead and ordered the UPOCXO-01-SSSS clock for my friend. We will try it with his Vivaldi stack, on top of the Vivaldi clock.If it goes well, he may consider the UPOCXO-RK01-OP17 Ultra model, which is triple the price, but also offe... 
Is there a way to report scammers on Agon?
I have reported many ads in the past to AgoN stuff ... they do act quickly. 
Rubidium Clock
Is the UPOCXO-01-SS clock (OCXO only) equal performance wise to  RBOCXO-01 when in OCXO mode ? 
Individual International Seller Scam
IMO, if you are gonna wire someone $5k-$10k-$20k, that 30 min spent researching the seller is time well spent. ESCROW is not free, and it will cost you some extra time as well.