Anyone living in Northern Michigan?

I live around the Harbor Springs Petsokey area. Just curious, anyone else out here in the hinderland?
I live in Zeeland Mi, about 3 hours south of you. I do get up there in the summer though. Love that area!
Kalamazoo here.  Summer or winter, its all good in Michigan.  BTW, you are still one bridge shy of the hinterlands.  Roll over to Shorts and have a brew! Try a Slurm Lord....
IMO the UP is the only place in the USA that is NOT just like every other place in USA .
chazark1234 ,Just noticed your post. I live just Southeast a bit from Traverse City. Give a shout if you want.
Moving to Suttons Bay early next year. Dedicated, unpretentious, audiophile that adores Jazz and head-banging Rock. Building a custom Listening Room. Would love to establish friendships with audio files in the northern Michigan Traverse City region.
Cool bg1968! Have you checked out Wayback Audio in Grandville or Misfitz in Grand Rapids? Great staff & vibe at both places. Also, for music, Vertigo is one of my favorite record stores anywhere. 
Few Finns still alive up near Hancock.
I have a (retired professor) relative with a log cabin up there on Lake Superior and it is certainly a beautiful area.
Rest assured, the Finns are alive and well - last time I was up there the place was crawling with Finns.
West counties of UP are the only truly rural counties that vote Democrat
in the entire USA .

Why ? Finns were very liberal when they got here .They never left till after Russian Czar started to draft Finns for WW 1 . The time one was drafted for was 30 years ! Mad rush out of Finland
 for nearest ship to Canada and USA .  A few even joined the German army .
Late to the party, but wondering if there are any others out there???  I'm in Traverse City
Rick here, from Ice Age Audio.  I've been in the Traverse City area for awhile now.  I'm an old Tubes-N-Tannoys fanatic.  My cable company work with Cryogenics to enhance performance and we've done some amazing things.  I'm always up for a good conversation, reach out anytime.
Once this Covid craziness is over we should have a Northern Michigan Audiophile party.
David in Good Hart Michigan