Northern NJ Audiophile Gathering

Norvinz, Merrill-Scillia Research (MSR), and Tri-Planar are proud to
announce a special audiophile gathering on Sunday, November 4, in Kinnelon,
NJ (Morris County) where the new MSR turntables will be featured in
reference-level audio systems. Anthony Scillia of MSR and Tri Mai of
Tri-Planar will be on hand as featured guests.
Read the new MS21 review by Michael Fremer in the November issue of
Stereophile where he raved: "... the MSR MS21 provided a soaring sense of of
musical flow and big picture coherence."

Call 201-874-8108 or send mail to for details. Space is
limited, first come, first served.
Food and refreshments will be served.
I'd love to attend if there's space available.
My name is Jim Dolgin
I live in Wyckoff, and would love to be involved.

Sunday Nov 4th.

Thanks, Jim
Please contact Mike Oltz at the phone number or email above to reserve a seat.
See you there.
Vinh Vu