Anyone compared the Rega Jupiter and Cary 306/200?

Any thoughts on how these two CDPs compare? Thanks.
IMHO this would be an unfair comparison. The dollar difference is huge and the difference in performance is also. I A/b the Jupiter to a Cary 303/200 and it was not even close. The build quality of the Cary is substantially better, the Rega is border line cheap. The operation of the Rega is noisely... cheap. The sound of the Cary is so much better, more detail, smoother, much quieter background. The Rega does not sound digital, its is smooth and musical, but the background was the loudest of any player I auditioned. If you can buy one cheap, fine, if you are buying new look further. The Cary is much better, even something like a Arcam CD23 is easily better than the Rega.
I have resently traded my Cary 303 for a new 306 and that is a huge step up. So IMHO to compare to the Rega just is not fair.
I used to have the Planet 2000 and upgraded to a cary 303 100 and the cary makes the Rega look and sound like garabage in comparison. I was so stunned with the difference opened my eyes to the fact that I should never make decisions based on hype...because the rega was flat out horrible....
Just to show that everyone can have a different opinion. I have owned the 47 labs digital gear, electrocompanient EMC 1, Burmester 979/980, Audio Aero Capitole, Accuphase 75v, Audio Note CDT-2 with Dac 3, CEC tl1x with audio logic 2400 dac and a few others I've probably forgotten. I mention this only to create a context for my next statement.
I like the Rega Jupiter 2000. I own it and use it in a second system. I paid 65% of the new price and find it to be well designed for it's price and I think it is a very sweet and musical player. Of course it is not nearly as refined as many of the players above....but it costs a fraction. I like it because it is easy to listen to and does not sound as agressive and digital as most others in it's price range.
I have no experience with the Cary but have heard very good things. I am not suggesting that you go with the Rega above the Cary. As has been pointed out it is, on several levels, an unfair comparison. I would encourage you to listen to as many players as you can before you buy and don't disgard the Rega out of hand....for what it is it playes music very well.
I am looking for an upgrade which is why I asked. I now have the Jupiter. But it seems the Cary 303/200 may be a better value than the 306/200.
Don't get pigeonholed with the Cary. In this price range you need to be sure and audition components. Like the Arcam FMJ-23. You will be surprised.