Any Zu Omen owners upgrade to the Mk1B

Title says it all. Curious to know if it made a difference
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Don't have the Omen's but did upgrade the Soul superbly to the nano 10" driver.
The Clarity cap upgrade was not offered at the time I did the upgrade.

Very significant upgrade with improved resolution, transparency and, for me, imaging. Not that it wasn't very good before but it all became significantly better with the upgrade. I think the clarity cap upgrade will take it up another notch. Defiantly, worth the $500.
I upgraded my Essence speakers, both driver & clarity cap. It was a very significant upgrade, made for a smoother yet more detailed speaker. Most significantly, it dramatically deepened the speaker's soundstage.
I upgraded a pair of Omen Defs to the Mk 1B and I thought it was very worthwhile. Very noticeable, especially on vocals -- much smoother and greater transparency. Very worthwhile in my opinion.